15 Unexpected Signs A Guy Likes You

When you first begin dating someone and you like them a lot, you want to be clear on where they stand. And while not everyone will straight-up tell you where their mind is, there are definite signs.

While women are more open about their thoughts and feelings, men can be a little more guarded or withdrawn in that regard. Thankfully, while they may be guarded, in most cases, they will show you how they feel if you pay attention. So, if you are struggling to understand whether or not he likes you, here are 15 clear signs he is into you.

1. He initiates contact.

Rather than always making you reach out to him, he contacts you. Whether this is through Facebook, text, or Snapchat, he shows a genuine interest in speaking with you and connecting with you. And not just at night.

2. He makes eye contact.

When a man makes and keeps eye contact with you, it shows that he likes you. Not only is he comfortable with you, but he genuinely feels a connection with you.

3. He mirrors your body language.

People mirror who they like; science has shown that time and time again. Mirroring is basically what happens when you unintentionally copy someone’s body language. For example, if you are standing by him with your hands on your hips and he starts doing the same, he is into you.

4. He brings up his future and includes you.

When he talks about his future, he includes you. Whether it’s involving you in plans or just subtly mentioning his future and including you in it, he likes you.

5. He subtly touches you.

When you are talking, he lightly brushes your arm or touches you in other subtle ways. This means that he genuinely likes you and cannot get enough of you. Therapist Alisha Powell says, “We don’t tend to touch people we don’t like, so touch can be an indication of attraction.”

6. He loves having long conversations with you.

During the conversation, he never seems to want to stop talking to you. He may call you up and talk to you for hours, or he may just simply text you frequently. If a guy does this, he likes you!

7. He’s introduced you to some of his friends and family.

He’s already introduced you to some of his closest friends and family. And he has made plans to have you meet other people that matter to him. Because people don’t typically introduce just anyone to their family and friends, he likely likes you.

8. He leans inward when talking to you.

Psychologically, when someone leans into you when they are talking to you, it means they feel comfortable with you. And men typically only lean inward towards people they like, so if he is leaning inward, it’s a sure sign that he likes you.

9. He remembers small details about you.

If you told him three weeks ago about your favourite painting and he brings it up later on or invites you to an art show to see that painting, it means he likes you. Not only is he paying attention, but he is genuinely invested in getting to know you more.

10. He slows down his walking pace to walk next to you.

When the two of you are walking, he makes it a point to walk next to you. Even if that means slowing down to walk right beside you, he does. In some cases, if you are walking faster, he walks faster too. This shows he is trying to align with you.

11. He offers to help you.

If a man doesn’t like you, it isn’t likely that he will go out of his way to help you out. So if you mention that you are moving and need some help getting everything moved and he volunteers to do it without you asking, that’s a good sign.

12. He notices small details in your appearance.

When you get your hair done or style it differently, he notices. He notices small changes in your style and even changes to your makeup. This shows he is paying attention to all the details about you, and it’s an indicator that he genuinely likes you.

13. He tries to impress you.

This is a phenomenon known as peacocking. He is being arrogant because he wants you to admire him. And if a man does this, it’s because he likes you.

14. He gets jealous when you talk to other guys.

Men don’t get jealous of just anyone. If he doesn’t like you, he won’t care whether or not you talk to other men. However, if you notice that he gets jealous if you talk about another man or when another man interacts with you, it’s likely he is genuinely into you.

15. He looks for a reaction from you when he says or does something.

If you are among a group of people and he makes a comment or a joke and then looks at you to see your reaction, it’s a major sign that he likes you. It means that your opinion matters to him.

Source: https://awarenessact.com/

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