The 10 Most Expensive Cities in the World

Where do you live? Do you think it costs a lot? Have you ever thought about which places cost the most to live in? Here, we have an article that’s not only targeted at people who are looking to move locations or love to travel the world, but also at entrepreneurs who are thinking of starting a business in a particular city.

This story was based on research that was published in the Telegraph. That article listed the world’s most expensive cities based on how many square metres of real estate you could buy for $1 million. Here are the 10 most pricey cities in the world to live in

1. Monaco, France

For $1 million, you can buy 17 square metres of land.

The city of Monaco is only about 2 square kilometres big, and it’s full of only the finest things in life. Since that’s the case, it makes sense that it would be one of the world’s most expensive towns. And it is! If you don’t know much about Monaco, look up some facts and pictures on Google. Still want to live there?

2. Hong Kong

For $1 million, you can buy 21 square metres of land.

I want to try to visit Hong Kong next year. Many people from Hong Kong I’ve met have told me they don’t like living there because it’s too expensive for what it is.

Yes, you would sort of expect that. To be honest, Hong Kong is close to a lot of beautiful, cheap places to live in Asia. So why would you pick Hong Kong over these other lovely cities?

3. London, United Kingdom

For $1 million, you can buy 21 square metres of land.

I was born in the UK, but I live three hours outside of London. Plus everyone knows how pricey London is. In fact, one night out in London can wipe out half your bank account. It’s easy to picture what it’s like to live there if you’re from somewhere else in the UK.

4. New York City

One million dollars can buy 34 square metres of land.

You may love the big apple if you like living in cities. I don’t think I’ve ever been to New York, but everyone seems to love it and the chances it offers.

That being said, be ready to spend a lot of money to live there. It costs a lot to rent a room in New York! Area Vibes has a good table that lets you see how much it costs to live in New York compared to other places that are like it.

5. Singapore

For $1 million, you can buy 39 square metres of land.

Everyone there is crazy expensive. I was shocked when I went there for 10 days last month. Yes, it does depend on what part of town you’re in, but rent is really the big issue.

It costs a lot to buy a home in Singapore, but it’s worth it. Singapore is one of the cleanest places in the world, and they have everything under control.

At 2 a.m., I saw someone sweep up leaves. This guy was still cleaning leaves at 2 a.m. Singapore’s laws and rules are so strict that there is almost no littering or crime there. That makes it a lovely spot to live!

6. Geneva, Switzerland

For $1 million, you can buy 39 square metres of land.

Geneva? Switzerland has some really cool places to see. Geneva is not like other places! Because there are so many beautiful things to see and do in Geneva, I want to book a flight right now and go there.

7. Sydney, Australia

For $1 million, you can buy 41 square metres of land.

NSW was always going to be on this list of the most expensive towns. What a wonderful spot. NSW and Australia as a whole have a lot of beautiful sights. It’s very expensive to live here.

If you want to start a business or get a job in Australia, on the other hand, the average pay or price for services is higher. In this way, it makes up for the high cost. The only problem you might have is if you want to start an online business that isn’t really aimed at people in Australia but still has people living there.

8. Shanghai, China

For $1 million, you can buy 48 square metres of land.

Shanghai is a beautiful city with a skyline full of strange and amazing buildings. For people who want to do business and know the language, moving here might be a good idea.

9. Paris, France

For $1 million, you can buy 50 square metres of land.

As I end this sentence, I’d like to say that our thoughts and wishes are with the people who died and their families in the Paris bombings last week.

People love Paris because it has such beautiful views, bars, and cafes. We thought it would be on this list of the world’s most expensive places to live because it has so much to offer.

10. Los Angeles, USA

For $1 million, you can buy 57 square metres of land.

Finally, it looks like LA is the least expensive place on this list. Anyone from England who wants to move to the US would say either New York or Los Angeles.

Also, why the hell not?! Depending on where you are in LA, it looks beautiful. That could be a big worry for you if you want to move there but don’t have a lot of money.

Cities like Los Angeles make it very pricey to start your own business. But, based on the type of business you run, there are ways to save money. A lot of businesses can save money on rent, delivery services can save money on cars, and so on.

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