13 Signs You Have The Best Boyfriend In The World

1. He is not upset when you opt to spend time with others.
He respects your freedom and will never make you feel suffocated.

He doesn’t want to bind you to the relationship, and he has no problem with you hanging around with other people. He allows you to have a life apart from your partnership.

2. He allows you to wear whatever you want.
He values your freedom of choice and expression enough to acknowledge it.

He would never belittle or insult you because of your wardrobe choices. He understands that your clothes are a reflection of your personality, and he admires that about you.

3. He never goes to sleep without arguing with you.
He doesn’t want you to end the day on a sour note. Before retiring to bed, he will always try to make amends with you. He despises going to bed without resolving any disagreements or arguments you two are having.

4. He tries to find a way to make your friends like him.
He understands how important your friends are to you, and it is equally vital to him that your friends like him. He always makes an effort to smoothly incorporate himself into your life, including having your social networks embrace him.

5. He is interested in your interests and hobbies.
He doesn’t even have to like the things you’re passionate about, but that won’t stop him from being interested in them.

He does it because he adores you and finds you fascinating. So whatever piques your interest will be something he wants to learn more about as well.

6. He plans dates that are very fancy.
He bestows meaningful gifts on you. Every day, he makes an effort to do modest acts that he knows will make you happy.

7. He tries to incorporate you into important elements of his life.
It doesn’t matter if it’s his family life, his social life, or his profession; he constantly wants you to feel included. He never wants to exclude you since he recognizes that you now play an important role in his life.

8. He is not afraid to swallow his pride and apologize to you.
He is never one to refuse an apology when it is required. If he realizes he made a mistake, he will swallow his pride and gladly apologize to you. He does this because his pride isn’t more important than what you think of him.

9. He makes every effort not to make you feel uncomfortable.
He will constantly make an attempt to make you feel at ease around him. Your emotions and feelings are highly important to him. He has formed a strong personal bond with you, and nothing can break that bond.

10. He imagines your future together.
When it comes to you, he’s not simply living in the now. He has a complete future planned for the two of you because he can’t bear the thought of existence without you.

You are more than a passing fling or love affair to him. You are what pushes him to get out of bed every day and live his life.

11. He listens and concentrates on what you’re saying.
When it comes to you, he is selfless and caring. He doesn’t want to draw attention to himself because he believes you are more deserving of it.

He constantly makes an effort to pay attention to you and hear what you have to say. He never takes you for granted, and he values all of your ideas and opinions.

12. He makes sacrifices for you.
While he has personal objectives and dreams, he is nonetheless willing to make certain sacrifices for the benefit of your partnership. He’d rather sacrifice other elements of his life than lose you. He knows you’re the type of girl worth making sacrifices for.

13. He treats you as a true partner.
Life is a difficult war that each of us must fight. We do not, however, have to face it alone. This is the mindset he brings to your relationship.

He sees you as a partner with whom he can confront life’s most difficult issues. There is nothing he could ever be terrified of as long as you are by his side.

14. He has no trouble showing you his true self.
Because he trusts you, he allows himself to be vulnerable and honest. He is totally comfortable giving intimate details about himself to you since he believes you would never betray him. He values your advice and ideas in his most difficult situations.

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