10 Signs Someone Isn’t Meant For You

One of the best feelings in the world is being in a relationship that makes both people happy. Most people think of being completely alone when they try to think of something very different from this feeling.

But I think that being in a relationship with someone who is not meant for you would be a very different feeling. You might be shocked by what I just said. What could be better about being alone than being with someone? It doesn’t matter if they’re not right for you.

Of course, if you’ve ever been in a bad relationship, you know exactly what I mean. Because being with someone who isn’t right for you is almost always bad for you.

The reason for this is that people have standards of the people they are with. And when we don’t meet their standards and they don’t meet ours, it creates a push-and-pull that breaks both of us apart.

If you are wondering whether or not your partner is right for you or have doubts as to whether they are, here are 10 signs that indicate someone is not meant for you.

1. You always disagree with each other.

Every small fight or disagreement turns into a big one. You don’t agree on anything, not even little things. You both find that you are always finding fault with each other.

2. You have nothing to talk about, ever.

Except when you fight, you two don’t talk much. If you do, it will feel forced because you don’t share any hobbies. Even when you try to talk, it’s hard to come up with something.

3. The way you see the world is very different from mine.

What you believe, how you see the world, and your morals are all different. You and your partner can’t agree on anything. The way you see the world is different from the way they see it. It’s all very black and white. And never any grey.

4. You don’t want the same things in life.

When you and your partner talk about the future, you realise that you and your partner want very different things. Your plans, hopes, dreams, and other things are very different from one another.

You both quickly change the subject whenever the subject comes up, never trying to find something you both might like. They’re also not likely to share any traits with you.

5. Things started great and then quickly went stagnant.

At first, there were a lot of sparks and a lot of excitement and passion. To be honest, everything seemed fine. But as time has gone on, things have not only stopped growing (which is normal), but they have also stopped moving (which is not normal).

6. You don’t like your partner.

You really dislike your partner, when it comes down to it. Everything they say makes you mad when they talk. You don’t like anything they do. You may question why you are together at times.

7. Everything is a heated argument, and no one is willing to compromise.

Talking about simple things turns into angry arguments. When you try to find a middle ground or make peace, the fight gets worse until both of you lose it. After you both calm down, you act like nothing happened, but nothing ever gets fixed.

8.The relationship goes up and down.

A lot of times, the relationship goes on and off. Things might be going well for a few weeks or months, but then there might be a big fight and the relationship ends. Then, either one of you or both of you give up and try to fix the relationship, but it falls apart again.

9. You have to convince yourself it’s meant to be.

You have to keep telling yourself that the relationship is good. You know it’s not working, but you keep looking for moments and parallels that must mean something. This is what you hold on to in the bond.

10. You don’t think you’re good enough.

You feel like your partner doesn’t need you enough a lot of the time. You just don’t feel right for them, no matter what you do or say. And this makes you feel very vulnerable and hurt.

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