11 Reasons Why Most Women Fail To Find A True Gentleman

All women claim to want a gentleman or a good man, but not all women can do so. So, what gives? In a world full of men who claim women want a ‘bad boy,’ rather than a good man, it begs us to wonder: why are there so many ‘good men’ that are searching for a good woman, while so many women are searching for a good man?

Why is it that some women just seem to fail at finding their true gentleman, and is there any way to get around this fact?

1. The idealistic fairy tale that doesn’t exist.

From the time we were little girls, we were told that our Prince Charming was out there waiting to shower us with love and expensive gifts.

Many women won’t accept any imperfections or any man who is less than perfect, and in turn, they will never find the right one because their expectations are unreachable.

2. There aren’t enough gentlemen in the world.

Not all men who claim to be gentlemen or good men truly are. In turn, the pool isn’t as big as we think, and it’s sort of like searching for a needle in a haystack for a gentleman.

3. Some women truly do want bad boys, whether they admit to it or not.

Despite what they may say, some women are attracted to assholes. They may say, “No, I want a good man; why can’t he just be good?” while rushing to pick up the phone from a man who will never give them the respect they deserve.

4. They don’t give the right men the time of day.

When a gentleman finally presents himself, many women don’t give them the chance to show who they are. Instead, they want an instant spark and the perfect man, and that just doesn’t exist and isn’t always noticeable at first.

5. They are emotionally unavailable.

As much as many women may claim to be in search of a good man, when it comes down to it, they aren’t ready for a deep emotional bond.

Being emotionally unavailable while searching for a gentleman is counterproductive because people can sense when the woman they want isn’t ready for that sort of bond.

6. They attract the wrong type.

Sometimes, we may be inadvertently attracting the wrong men by treating the right ones the wrong way and the wrong ones the way we should treat the good ones. We attract what we think we deserve.

7. They have low-frequency vibrations.

Many women expect a good man but aren’t good women. You have to align with high-frequency (good) energy to attract it. If you aren’t a good woman, you likely aren’t going to find a good man.

8. They are looking in all the wrong places.

You aren’t going to find a gentleman if you are looking in the wrong places. In a world that uses fling sites instead of actually dating, it’s no surprise that many women report it being hard to find a good man.

9. They are waiting to be rescued.

News flash: good men aren’t coming out of the woods to hunt you down and marry you. You have to put forth the effort to find a good man and work on yourself.

10. Their view of relationships is all wrong.

Another sad factor is that, in some cases, we are looking at relationships all wrong. When you don’t know what love is or understand it, you are likely to fail to find someone good to share it with.

11. They are holding out for “the one.”

And then some want to have a perfect relationship with a person they envision as their soulmate.

In turn, as soon as someone doesn’t fit that perfect mould, they push them away. Sadly, this person may have had flaws, but he was a good man with good intentions.

Source: https://awarenessact.com/

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