You Should Not Charge Your Phone Next To Your Head! This Is Why

Several studies show that the non-native electromagnetic fields (EMF) that come from cell phones and Wi-Fi affect many body systems and functions.

Radiofrequency EMF has been shown to change the central nervous system, cause cell death, and cause toxic stress. They haven’t been tried for safety, especially when used close to the head.

It’s not a good idea to charge or use your phone next to your head, especially when you’re sleeping. Your body should heal and get stronger while you sleep. This process is stopped by NnEMF.

Many people still don’t believe that EMFs are dangerous, but we just showed how putting a charger and cell phone next to your head makes your body voltage (which should be 0) and the radio frequency numbers on the multimeter go down.

Use an adapter that is linked to Ethernet, charge your phone with a power bank, and put your phone into aeroplane mode. But you shouldn’t bring your phone into the bedroom at all if you can help it.
Gabriel, thank you for making it so clear!


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