Woman’s belly weights 44 pounds and still growing, doctors are unable to find the reason!

Doctors from China’s rural Guizhou Province and nearby towns have difficulty figuring out why a 36-year-old woman’s belly keeps getting bigger. Huang Guoxian, who has two children, says that her belly weighs 44 pounds and is getting bigger and bigger every day.

She has a lot of trouble doing normal things and can’t stand for more than 10 minutes at a time. So, while her husband is at work, her 10-year-old son has to take care of pretty much everything around the house. Even the grandparents help.

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All of this started about two years ago when Guoxian first felt pain. Doctors gave the medicine that made her feel a little better, but it didn’t stop her stomach from growing, and it hasn’t stopped since. Doctors did a lot of tests and tried different treatments, but they still didn’t know why she was sick.

According to the Daily Mail, CT scans showed that she has several illnesses, including liver cirrhosis, ovarian cancer, and an abnormal buildup of fluid in the abdomen and chest. No one knows if any of these things caused the belly to grow.

Guoxian is now hoping that a specialist from a local hospital could operate on her, but the surgery would cost 30,000 yuan, or $4290. The helpless woman who has trouble breathing, eating, and sleeping is pleading with people to help her raise the money.

The Guizhou Urban Daily reported that Guoxian said, “I used to do my homework very quickly, but now my big belly has made my normal life very hard.” My two kids are still pretty young. Now, their grandmother and grandfather help take care of them. I hope to get better and be healthy again as soon as possible.”

We really hope that doctors can help Guoxian get back to her old life as soon as possible. Watch the video below to learn more.


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