Woman In Her 82’s Was Found Stealing From A Supermarket: “Please don’t call the police! I don’t want my grandchildren to know this”

Many people are having trouble making ends meet. Many people have trouble taking care of their families because they don’t have enough money. It’s hard to find a job.

Life is hard for a lot of people, especially those who can’t work for different reasons. When it comes to taking care of her grandkids, this 82-year-old grandmother is the same as always.

Due to her age, she couldn’t get food. She didn’t have enough money to buy food, so she had to steal it from a store in Via Casilina, Ferentino, Frosinone, Italy. It wasn’t her favourite thing to do.

When they saw her putting a can in her bag, they talked to her. The old woman was scared and asked them not to call the police. “Never call the police; I don’t want my grandchildren to know,” she said again.

Then she started crying and said it was hard for her to feed her grandkids. The shop manager didn’t call the police and let her take what she needed. He told her to stop by even when she was hungry.

You can always get what you need. “A few euros don’t matter to me,” he said. We’re glad that people like the owner of this market still care and are kind.

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Courtesy: Bored Daddy

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