Woman Buys A Ring For Just $13, But Finds Out It Is Actually Worth Over $900,000

Debra Goddard, who lives in West London’s Twickenham, got the best gift of her life. She paid only $13 for a ring at a sale more than 33 years ago. She thought it was made of plastic and didn’t have much value. She had worn it for a long time and loved it. But because of problems with her family, she needed money and decided to try to sell the ring.

When she found out that the ring was actually a diamond worth $957,000, she was shocked. Debra said that she got the ring in the year 1986. She thought the ring was made of plastic, but it was really a 26.27-carat diamond. What the…?


Find out what she got for the ring in the end.

Debra chose to sell the ring because a relative stole her mother’s life savings. She hoped to get around $1,000 for the ring because it was big and beautiful. But the jeweller told her something much better. She said that when he found out it was a diamond, he almost passed out.

She stayed up all night thinking about what to do with the beautiful ring. She finally took the diamond ring to Sotheby’s, where it was going to be sold. She didn’t get almost $1 million from the sale, but she did get $607,900.

Debra thinks this is a sign that good things are going to happen to her and her family. She said that she and her mother had been through a lot and that her mother had been taken advantage of. She helped her mother out with most of the money.

What is she doing with the money?

Debra doesn’t care about money, so she loves to take care of her mother. Her mother, June, has been to Barbados, see Celine Dion and Tom Jones in concert in Las Vegas, and bought a new fur coat. What a nice little girl!

Debra says that she is writing a book that will teach people how to find useful things at boot sales. She will give any money she makes from the book to a charity for kids. She helps out at a charity for lost kids and hopes that the money will help both the kids and the youth leaders there.

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