You know how people claim that pear-shaped women are the most fertile? Scientifically, this is because they have wider hips and can give birth more easily than other women.

However, the shape of certain body parts can reveal a lot about a person’s health. As an example, consider the buttock. Scientifically, the fats that are accumulated in the body can directly define a person’s health.

Fat stores in the chest or trunk of the body are more hazardous than fat deposits in the hips and buttocks.

According to studies, fat accumulated around the hips “keeps fatty acids away from the heart, arteries, and liver, lowering your risk of heart disease and other debilitating problems like diabetes.”

“Because your body is ultimately programmed to decide whether to store fat in the buttocks or the stomach region, it is thought that the hormones that direct and distribute fat do so in women to protect the heart by building up the buttocks.”

So, what does the form of your buttocks reveal about your overall health?

If you have a circle-shaped booty

You’re in great shape! The excess fat from the bottom is easily removed; nonetheless, this is the proper shape of a booty, with no symptoms of fat accumulation.

If you have what is known as a “V patootie,”

You’re probably in your thirties, and the fat that used to be housed at the bottom of your body has begun to migrate to other parts of your body. This occurs because oestrogen leaves the body as you age.

As previously said, it is not healthy for fat to be stored elsewhere in the body, so it is critical to exercise more and eat a healthier diet to avoid this “moving of the fat.”

If you have a booty in the shape of a heart,

You undoubtedly store fat in your upper thighs, but jeans look best on this buttock shape. The good news is that this sort of fat is easier to remove as you get older.

If you have a square-shaped booty

You might also have some fat stored around your “love handles.” Individuals with this shape of the bottom should definitely work out more for their back posture as well as to strengthen the thighs, but also to strengthen the waist and slim it down a little.


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