There is a new kind of bug that makes lots of holes in the palms! Here’s how to protect yourself

Several online warnings have been posted about a “new ki*ler insect” that comes from India and can ki*l or seriously hurt anyone who touches it.

Many copies of this warning have been shared on social media, and some of them claim to show both the rumoured deadly bug and gory photos of the damage it supposedly does. Often, these scars look like several small holes in the hands or arms. Most pictures of insects show that the back is full of small tubes.

You must protect yourself from bugs if you want to have fun and stay safe when you’re outside. In this piece, we’ll talk about easy and effective ways to keep these annoying bugs away from you.

1. Wear the right clothes.

When it comes to bugs, how you dress can be your first line of defence. Choose long-sleeved shirts, pants, and socks to cover up as much skin as possible. Some insects may also be scared away by clothes that are light in colour.

2. Use something to keep bugs away.

Mosquito, tick, and other bug repellents that have DEET, picaridin, or the oil of lemon eucalyptus in them have been shown to work. Follow the directions on the product to put them on the skin and clothes that aren’t covered.

3. Avoid Perfumed Products:

Fragrances, including scented lotions and perfumes, can attract bugs. When you’re outside, choose items that don’t smell or have a light scent.

4. Stay in places with lots of light.

Bugs usually go to places that are darker. Stay in well-lit areas when you’re outside at dusk or night to avoid being swarmed by bugs.

5. Get rid of standing water.

This is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. Empty flowerpots, bird baths, and gutters on a regular basis to keep water from standing still on your property.

6. Use mosquito nets.

If you’re camping or staying in a place where bugs are common, you might want to put a mosquito net over your bed area for extra protection.

7. Keep Windows and Doors screened.

By putting screens on your windows and doors, you can keep bugs out of your home while still letting in fresh air.

8. Don’t wear clothes with bright colours.

Some bugs are attracted to bright colours, so it’s best to wear clothes with dull or neutral colours.

9. Check Yourself After Being Outside:

If you’ve been outside, especially in wooded or grassy places, check your body carefully for ticks and other bugs. Quick removal can help lower the chance that a disease will spread.

10. Trim Vegetation and Maintain Lawns:

Keeping your yard well-maintained can reduce bug habitats. Cut back tall grass and bushes, and mow your yard often to cut down on places where pests can hide.

11. Use citronella candles.

The smell of citronella candles is unpleasant to bugs. If you light these candles around your outdoor places, they can help keep bugs away.

12. Avoid Sweating too much.

Bugs will come to you if you sweat. Even though it’s normal to sweat when you’re outside, you might want to wipe yourself down and change into dry clothes to make bugs less interested in you.

13. Use natural remedies.

Citronella, lavender, and eucalyptus are some essential oils that are known to keep bugs away. Instead of using chemical repellents, you could try using natural items with these oils.

14. Educate Yourself:

Research the types of bugs common in your area and their behaviours. With this information, you can guess when and where they might be the most busy.

* Consult a professional:

If you have a problem with bugs that won’t go away, hiring a professional pest control service can solve the problem for good. When you protect yourself from bugs, you’re not just trying to avoid itchy bites; you’re also protecting your health and well-being.

By using these tips and being proactive about bug protection, you can enjoy the outdoors without being bothered by bugs that buzz and bite. Whether you’re camping, gardening, or just sitting on your porch, these tips will help you create a bug-free zone that lets you fully enjoy the beauty of nature.

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  1. This is such bullshit it’s not even funny. There isn’t an insect that dose this to you. People are so gullible it’s not even funny.


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