She lost all her beauty because of surgeons and here’s what she used to look like before

Andrea Ivanova became famous all over the world because of how “interesting” she looked. Some people on the Internet thought that the girl was using funny filters to try to get everyone’s attention.

The way people think about beauty has changed a lot over time. Women try to look like each other, but this makes them look more alike. As you walk down the street, you see the same swollen lips, fake faces, and other physical flaws.

In their quest for perfection, many people go too far, and they don’t even realise that not everything that is magnificent and beautiful is desired.

Andrea Ivanova, 22, from Bulgaria, thinks she is Barbie because her lips are 27 times bigger than they were before. But look at these pictures! She must be a funny and scary cartoon figure, or she must be a real Barbie.

This is Andrea Ivanova’s old picture


Andrea said that the claims were not true and that she had more than twenty cosmetic treatments to try to look like her ideal self. A few days ago, old pictures of the girl were put on the Internet so that anyone could see them. At that moment, Andrea thought about who she really was.

The girl was pretty and had a nice attitude before she had her surgeries. What kind of doctors could hurt a young woman’s looks like that?

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