People With These 6 Personality Traits Are More Likely to Cheat

There isn’t one clear sign that someone is cheating on you, so most people don’t think their partner is going to do it. But both experts and studies show that there are a number of things that can make someone more likely to cheat on their partner.

Before meeting someone, it can help to know what to look out for to make sure you’re in a loving, faithful relationship. You can’t always tell when someone is going to cheat on you.

“Some people are more likely to cheat because of their personality, the way they were raised, their job, their social status, or the people they hang out with,” said a psychotherapist and relationship guide.

“Any of these things, or any combination of these things, makes cheating a possibility for them. On the other hand, someone with different personality traits, strong values, a simpler lifestyle, fewer friends, and/or who is happy in their main relationship probably wouldn’t think about cheating.”

If your partner shows some of these signs, don’t freak out. Not everyone who does these things will cheat, so don’t worry. Experts say that a lot of cheaters have the same behaviors or mental traits that show up over and over again. According to several relationship experts, these six things make someone more likely to cheat.

1. They’ve Become Narcissistic: A narcissist is very self-centered, needs praise and attention, and can’t think about other people’s wants and feelings. People with this trait are likely to cheat because they often tell themselves that their partner doesn’t treat them right or that they are ignored or not valued.

On top of that, they don’t think about how their actions will hurt their partner very much. One study from 2014 also found that people with high levels of narcissism—which is described as not caring about other people, having a strong sense of one’s own abilities, and feeling entitled—were more likely to cheat.

2. Your Lives Are Not Intertwined: Although it’s good to have your own activities you enjoy, when couples spend a great deal of time apart from each other, they are spending it with someone other than their partner who offers companionship, fun, and friendship.

Time spent with other people can make the couple’s bond weaker and the tie with those other people stronger. Also, when someone is alone, they have a lot more chances to cheat because no one knows them and they feel like they can be themselves.

3. They have trouble controlling their urges: People who want a rush of adrenaline might cheat to get it. It can be thrilling to be with someone who is not only new and different, but also illegal and you don’t want to get caught. They are trying to keep their two lives from coming together, but they are living on the edge.

People who have a hard time controlling their impulses, like those with ADHD or who have had a head injury that changed who they are, may also be more likely to cheat because they can’t resist the urge to do something.

4. They Have A Family History Of Cheating: People who grew up in an atmosphere of betrayal and cheating are more likely to cheat and to select partners who will be unfaithful. A partner may actually cheat on their partner out of fear of being cheated on.

In a study that was released in the Journal of Family Issues, people who had at least one parent cheat on them as kids were more likely to cheat themselves. There may not be a straight or clear link between the two, but our family experiences can definitely affect how we deal with relationships later on.

5. They’re Dependent on Others:: Dependent people may be more likely to cheat because they need approval more than they can get from a long-term relationship. We all know that long-term relationships are hard work. If they aren’t cared for regularly, people, especially those who are dependent, are more likely to seek attention from someone outside the relationship who is more attentive. So, the best way to keep a relationship strong is to make it a priority and make sure everyone feels like they are being heard.

6. They’re Afraid of Breaking Up With Someone: Some people may feel that a relationship no longer satisfies their needs, but they do not feel like they can assert themselves to bring it to a close. Then, they might cheat to get closer to someone or in secret hope that their partner will find out and end the relationship for them.

People cheat for many different reasons and in different situations, but study and experts have found that these traits make people more likely to be unfaithful.


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