Never Fall in Love With A Man Who Doesn’t Value These 4 Factors About You.

It’s very important to find someone to spend your whole life with. If your potential partner doesn’t treat you with the care you deserve, you might as well give up. Here are some things you should always be sure of.

1. You think there are certain ways to treat people.

You have strong ideas about how people should treat you and others. When you see abuse, never give in.

Let’s say he is rude to a waiter but is a “perfect gentleman” to you. Will he be like that in a year or two when he knows you better? He might come after you next.

2. Your eagerness to make a difference

If he doesn’t understand why you have to work so much or help other people, that should be a red flag. Your greatest desire is to help other people, and if he can’t see that, you should rethink your relationship. Don’t let him make you feel bad about things that are important to you.

3. (Of course) your friends and family

If what they do isn’t good enough for him or, as he tries to persuade you, “for YOU,” you should stop talking to him. A friendship should make the number of people you care about grow, not shrink.

4. He doesn’t respect himself

You can see that he lives by a set of rules… Some of these are true for everyone. But he is always checking to see if he is falling short or if he is reaching an impossible goal.

Pay attention because he might judge you the same way in the end. You don’t want to spend your whole life trying to jump through hoops that are too high.


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