‘My 600lb Life’ star shows off epic weight loss after being crowned World’s Heaviest ­Woman

After gaining 50 stone (700lb), Pauline Potter needed a motorized scooter to get around. But she’s changed her life and lost more than half of her body weight.

The star of “My 600-pound Life” set a goal to hit 50 stone after her husband said he liked bigger women. She was shocked when she entered the Guinness Book of Records as the heaviest living woman.

“I thought if I contacted them and put myself out there, someone might be able to help me.” Pauline broke the record for being the world’s fattest woman in 2012. “I was shocked when they told me they knew,” she said.

The TLC reality star said she used to be crazy about how big she was, but it got too much for her. “I used to love being big, but it went too far. It’s too difficult for me to even get up now. Someone has to pull my head while I rock myself into a standing position,” she said before her weight loss.

Pauline said, “I sit on a stool with a flexible shower head on a lead in my walk-in shower.” A lot of work needs to be done. If you have a lot of rolls of skin, you can get infections in the folds.

“To prevent this, I wash every day, dry myself thoroughly, and then rub corn starch into the folds around my stomach and behind my knees.”

When I can’t get to something, my son has to help me. The year Pauline met her husband Alex was 2002, and she was 43 stone. Because he liked the way she looked, she put on more weight.

Valentine’s Day 2003, they got married in Las Vegas. But they broke up, and Pauline’s son Dillon took care of her. She finally changed her life, though, after being on My 600-Lb Life and going through a tough weight-loss program.

The star got help from Dr. Nowzaradan on the show, and he has since posted about her progress on Instagram after she lost more than 35 stone (500 lbs). Captioning the post, Dr. Now wrote, “I am very proud of the commitment and progress Pauline has made.”

When a client comes to me to lose more than 500 pounds, the first thing I do is find out how much they believe in the “power of commitment” to help them reach their weight loss goals.

“Weight loss surgery should not be viewed as a quick fix. It’s something that can help you on your “weight loss journey.” His words were “inspiring” because they showed what could happen when people “commit to making life changes” and “continue to invest in themselves.”

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