Mom Of Black And White Twins Often Gets Asked “Which One Of The Boys Is Hers”

When this 31-year-old Nigerian mother went into labour in February of 2013, she had no idea what she was about to go through. She can now tell her twin boys apart even though they look the same. Daniel and David were born just minutes apart, but they look nothing alike.

The two black children of Stacy and Babajide, who live in Lagos, are both albinos. The cute twins always get a lot of attention wherever they go because of how different they look. Daniel looks a lot like his 5-year-old big sister, Demilade. He has dark skin and curly black hair, just like Demilade.

David, on the other hand, has very pale skin and blond hair. Stacy decided to write about the twins’ funny antics on Instagram, and in less than a year, they had gained nearly 18,000 followers.

On February 26 of last year, when the twins were born, everyone was shocked.”We didn’t know they were different while I was pregnant because the scan didn’t show it. When Daniel came out with black hair, and David came out with gold hair, it was a big surprise and the most amazing thing.

I had them through CS, so the doctors said, “It looks like you’re having twins that are nothing alike. “Before I knew it, nurses came out to look at them,” Stacy, a mother of three, told Bored Panda.

One twin was black, and the other was white, so it was hard to tell them apart. The way Stacy’s husband reacted to this turn of events is very sweet, and she told us about it.

“Their dad was so surprised that he called My Twin 2 (David) “Golden” right away, so he calls him Mr. Golden with affection. He was so happy to see his sons again. He stood there and looked at them for more than 10 minutes. He said he was just looking at God’s great work and that they were the best gift he had ever gotten.

Since one was black and the other was white, it was impossible to tell them apart. The way Stacy’s husband reacted to this unexpected turn of events was sweet, and she shared his feelings: “Their dad was so shocked that he named My Twin 2 (David) “Golden” and called him “Mr. Golden.” As he looked at his boys, he was filled with happiness. He stood there and looked at them for more than 10 minutes. He said he was just amazed by God’s amazing work and that they were his most valuable gift ever.

Nigeria is one of the places in the world where albinism is most common. There are more than 2 million proven or suspected albinos there. But the numbers don’t lie: this community’s members still face a lot of bias because of the colour of their skin. Over 600,000 albino Nigerians have to deal with prejudice and bullying from their peers, families, and towns. This can cause them to lose jobs and fail in school, which can make them poor.

Stacy did say that no one has ever said anything bad to her about her two boys and that she loves them both equally and without conditions.”Whenever we go out, there are always side conversations. People always want to know how things are going and what’s going on, and maybe because they’re so cute and adorable, you just want to come up and say hi.

Because of how beautiful the twins are, beauty agencies in the UK have asked to work with their family. The family made an Instagram account so they could show how happy they were and bring attention to important problems. They take advantage of every chance that comes their way. Stacy and I chose to make an account for them to spread the word because we think they have a compelling story to tell.

“They have two great personalities that are very different. They are a year old, can walk, and are very playful,” Stacy said. “Daniel is more vocal, while David is more of a watcher. Both of them have a lot of questions. Daniel likes to eat, but David is picky. Daniel is very playful, but he only plays when he wants to. Daniel likes to be the older brother, and they are both very active.

Courtesy: Bored Panda

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