It’s Been A Rough Few Years For Simon Cowell, And They Changed His Life

Simon Cowell has had a lot of health problems because of two different bicycle accidents that happened over the course of two years.

During their latest appearance on the Today Show, Simon and the other judges from America’s Got Talent talked about these things. Heidi Klum, Howie Mandel, and Terry Crews were the hosts of the show.

The 63-year-old star fell off his e-bike in Malibu in 2020, and he did the same thing while riding around London in early 2022.
In an interview about the upcoming 18th season of America’s Got Talent, Simon was asked how these losses had changed the way he looked at life.

When asked how he felt physically before the bad things happened, he said, “I wasn’t in the best shape before the bad things happened, so they weren’t even good; they were really bad.” I didn’t know how wrong I was until I started getting better.

Then he said, “It was a true god’s moment, a revelation!” Simon saw how much he loved riding and said he thought everything happened for a reason.
He said, “I’m not giving up on my bike,” which made his fellow players very happy. I just can’t get enough of these great new things.

Even though the second crash wasn’t as bad as the first, he broke his back and had to wear a wrist brace for a few months because of it.
After these things happened, Simon changed the way he lived, mostly to help his nine-year-old son Eric. Simon’s motive was Lauren Silverman, the woman he was going to marry.

In an interview with The Sun in April of last year, he talked about how he was dealing with the aftermath of his e-bike crash.
He said, “When I broke my back, I was in such a bad place that I thought about going to therapy for the first time in my life.”

I was unhappy because I didn’t know how to tell Eric how I felt. I wondered when I’d be able to do things with him again, like play football or go for walks.
Simon and Lauren had Eric on February 14, 2014. After he had an accident on his bike, the TV star said that his child had given him a funny new nickname.

The judge on Britain’s Got Talent told Entertainment Tonight that he felt “embarrassed” after watching the shows at home.
Simon’s back is held together by metal rods and pins after surgery, but it makes him feel better that his kid compared him to the famous superhero Iron Man.

Simon was proud to say, “When I saw my family again, Eric told me, ‘Dad, you look like Iron Man. “Yeah, I guess I am like Iron Man,” I grinned.

Since then, Simon hasn’t had much trouble laughing off his problems, and he’s even played down the more serious injuries he got when he was working on the AGT stage in June 2021.

During a kid-friendly Shaolin Kung Fu show, Terry, who was the most interested, asked Simon if he could ever see himself doing such dangerous acrobatics.

Simon joked back to them, “After I hurt my back, I got to the point where I would walk around the garden with Eric and think it was a great success. Still, I couldn’t stop myself from doing it, even though I thought, “Maybe not such a great idea!”

Simon’s road of bravery and self-reflection shows that he has an unbreakable drive to move forward.
Even though the bike accidents have made things hard for him, he still loves cycling and life in general, and he still finds humour in his mishaps.

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