‘Hideous’ baby has grown into an impressive young girl.

Marianna Bowering is a dedicated mother and skilled makeup artist from Adelaide, Australia. Her efforts to raise knowledge about port-wine stain birthmarks have won her much praise and support on the internet.

In a touching show of love and support for her daughter Angelica, this talented mother used her makeup skills to copy her child’s birthmarks on her own face. She did this to show how beautiful and unique they are.

Angelica was born on May 6, 2018, with a port-wine stain marking that looks like a heart and goes from her forehead to her chin. Even though they were initially surprised, her mother, Marianna, and her father, Corey Bowering, accepted their daughter’s birthmark as a special part of who she was and loved her no matter what she looked like.

But not everyone thought the same way, and the family had to deal with nasty comments and bullying from people they didn’t know.

Marianna said that when she posted pictures of her daughter online, some people called her daughter’s face “ugly.” Some users went so far as to say that Angelica’s birthmark, which they saw as a “flaw,” would make it hard for her to find a partner in the future.

A port-wine stain is a scar resembling wine spilled on the skin. It can be pink, purple, or red. As time goes on, these birthmarks tend to get darker, which makes some people think that Angelica’s face looks “grilled” or “singed.”

Even though there isn’t a known cure for this skin disease yet, laser procedures may be able to make it less noticeable. It’s important to know that port-wine spots don’t go away on their own, but for many kids, especially if they’re on other parts of the body, they’re not a big deal.

As they get older, children with port-wine stains are more likely to get glaucoma or Sturge-Weber syndrome, which is a problem of the nervous system. So, the Bowerings have been very careful to schedule Angelica’s regular checkups so they can make sure she is healthy overall and keep an eye out for any possible health problems.

Marianna talked about what happened and said that the comments and criticisms about her daughter’s looks were scary and upsetting.
Marianna told Mirror, “The worst comment she got online was from someone who asked if her daughter’s face had been forced onto a hot skillet, implying that it looked like it had been grilled or burned.”

Marianna also said that “the most hurtful thing that happened to her in person was when someone at a soccer game called her daughter a “defect,” which caused her a lot of emotional pain.”

But Marianna is determined not to let the bad things said about her daughter shape who she is. This strong mother decided to stand up to the haters and do her part to spread the word about port-wine stains.

On a certain day, Marianna chose to draw a heart on her own face as a sign of solidarity. She also carefully used makeup to make Angelica’s port-wine stain look just like it did on her face. She posted these photos on her Instagram and in other social media groups, where she got a lot of support and motivation.

Someone said in a comment on one of Marianna’s posts, “Your girl is so beautiful! The way you two get along is so sweet. I like how you love her with all your heart and give her pride and confidence.”

Angelica’s eyes lit up with happiness when she saw her mother’s face painted in a show of unity. This sent a strong message. It was a strong reminder that she is perfect just the way she is and that her uniqueness is something to be cherished.

Marianna also said that her daughter likes to play with makeup and really likes to look at her unique scar on her face. This gives Marianna peace of mind, because she knows that Angelica will grow up to be a self-confident, beautiful person who knows the true meaning of beauty.

The port-wine stain birthmark will be a sign of her power and individuality, as well as a sign of her ability to keep going when things get hard. Angelica will always be a role model for others, encouraging them to accept their own unique qualities and value the beauty that is already inside them.

Do you think Angelica’s beauty is lessened by the scar on her face? How do you feel about the way her mother gave her confidence by giving her power? Do you know anyone who might find this news interesting? Send them this article and help get the word out!

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