Daughter Pulls Off The Wig Of A Girl With Cancer; Father Forces Her To Shave Her Hair As Punishment

Teenagers are sensitive and impressionable because they are between being a child and an adult. It can be hard to raise a teenager.

At thisage, it can be hard to get your point across in a way that won’t make them run away. One of these things was brought to light on Reddit.

One father found out that his daughter went to school with a girl who had cancer. Things got worse, and she even pulled the girl’s hair out of her head.

This made the father angry, so he decided to take things into his own hands and punish his daughter in a way that caused a stir and mixed feelings on the Internet. The father later deleted the post because many people criticised how he treated his daughter.

“My ex-wife and I have a 16-year-old daughter together, and I have full care of her (she has moved on with her new family)… My daughter got in trouble at school recently for making fun of a student who had lost her hair because she was being treated for cancer. Even taking off her wig,” he wrote at the beginning of his post.

“It sounds like there was some bad blood between them before, but I don’t think that even starts to explain her actions.”
As it turned out, the reason they didn’t like each other was because his daughter was now dating the other girl’s ex-boyfriend.

“At some point, the other girl said that my daughter’s boyfriend was just using her for s3x,” the father told CafeMom. “This really shocked me because I didn’t know she was sexually active.”

“That was what made things worse and led to the wig incident. Supposedly, they’ve been fighting in class ever since my daughter started dating the guy in question. Mostly, it was just stupid “he said, she said” nonsense from teenagers.”

After he found out what was going on and what his daughter had done, he gave her two choices to teach her a lesson. The first was for him to throw away all of her gadgets, and the second was for her to go to the hairdresser and get a bald cut. The daughter went to school with a bald head because she picked the second option.

“Everyone thinks I’ve gone too far. “Her mother yelled at me and said that it would make her the target of bullies (which was kind of the point, teach her to be kind),” the father wrote.

On Reddit, people had many different thoughts about this.
Some people thought the father had gone too far. “It’s clear that your daughter stinks for picking on that girl. But this sentence is too harsh, said one person in the comments.

Someone else added, “Your daughter is a because you are a.” “I don’t think this is the first time you’ve insulted and embarrassed her to “teach her a lesson.””

Someone who liked the father wrote: “The punishment was very harsh, probably harsher than I would have done if I were you (I can’t be sure because I’m not a parent).”

But she will see how things like what she did affect the victim, which will teach her a very important lesson. If giving her that lesson makes you an idiot, maybe the world needs a few more idiots.

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