Always turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth on your smartphone when you are sleeping. Here’s why!

Before you go to sleep, do you check the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth settings? Do you leave them on or off?

I’m sure that no one turns off their Wi-Fi before they go to sleep. That being said, you are wrong if you leave your Wi-Fi setting on.

A lot of experts around the world say that you should turn this off while you sleep. Your next question might be, “Why?” Because you lose your battery life and make it less long at the same time. It’s very easy.

You don’t need this feature to be on because you’re not going to use your phone while you sleep, right? Yes, everyone knows that Wi-Fi is great, quick, and useful. But many experts from around the world have looked into this and all of them say it could be bad for us.

Wi-Fi has been around since 1997. A lot of different studies have looked into this “problem” since then. Also, they’ve found that Wi-Fi can hurt our health in general, especially kids’ health.

Take note: In 2008, the renowned magazine Scientific American published an article titled “Mind Control by Cell Phone,” which talked about the harmful effects of Wi-Fi on the mind.


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