All liars have these 10 things in common

1. Liars are insecure.

It’s possible that they spread lies and rumours to make friends and feel better about themselves. People who lie a lot might also lie about their personalities to boost their egos when they are feeling down.

2. Liars are controlling.

People lie sometimes just to make someone else feel bad. Liars can control how people respond by making things up or stretching the truth, especially if they know the people they are lying to well.

3. Liars hide their feelings.

Liars don’t just lie; they also lie about how they feel. They lie to avoid having to deal with the truth.

4. Liars are good listeners.

Good lies know how to listen, despite what some people think. It helps them learn things they can use later. They will know what lies you are most likely to believe. And because they have studied you, they will know just what to say to get you to do what they want.

5. Liars are charismatic.

When they listen, liars often smile, nod, lean forward, and make eye contact, which are all signs of someone who is honest and nice. Don’t fall for it; their beauty is just a front.

6. Liars think quickly.

People who lie a lot have learned how to think quickly because “ums” and “uhs” blow up when someone is lying. People who lie are good at staying on their toes so they don’t get caught.

7. Liars blame other people.

You can keep their mind off of you by making someone else look bad. Stick to getting information from the source instead of accepting every rumour you hear. This will help you figure out what’s real.

8. Liars remember things well.

Good liars can remember even the smallest details to keep from having to admit that they were wrong.

9. Liars withhold information.

They don’t have to remember as many lies when they don’t talk as much.

Liars who are good at what they do can remember small details, but they know it’s best not to get too caught up in details. It is also common for liars to leave out details from their stories on purpose to trick you. Remember that it’s still wrong to not tell the whole truth.

10. Liars are hurting inside.

Think about why someone might be lying before you shout at them and say they’re lying. Could they be trying to hide your pain? Are they trying to avoid something bad happening? Are they trying to avoid being embarrassed? This person might be in pain, and their lies could be a cry for help.

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