After losing weight, an 800-pound bride finds love again.

An 800-pound bride from Arizona named Susanne Eman started a journey that was more than just a weight loss journey. Susanne lost a lot of weight, hitting 450 pounds, while she was getting ready for her wedding in 2013.

Chef Parker Clack, her fiancé, called off the wedding just days before it was supposed to happen because he didn’t like how much she had lost. Susanne was devastated and unhappy with her smaller body, so she decided to put back the weight she had lost.

She did this quickly and reached 600 pounds. While she was going through this, she met a new love: 36-year-old cook Nick Abbate. He had also lost a lot of weight, just like her ex-fiancé.

Abbate, a supporter of nutrition and weight loss, accepted Susanne just the way she was because he found her so beautiful. Their unique love story began online, and Abbate loved making Susanne big meals because he knew how much she liked to eat.

Susanne wanted to be the biggest woman in America, but Abbate stood by her and told her how much he loved her and how much she loved food.

When Susanne first tried to add a lot of weight, she wanted to be the heaviest woman in the world. This got a lot of attention. Together with Chef Clack, they had big plans, like getting a XXXXXXXXL wedding dress and losing 1600 pounds in the next ten years.

Susanne had to give up on this life-threatening mission because she was worried about her health and her boys stopped her. She started living a healthier life when she went to a weight-loss center in June 2012. Even though it was good for her health, it was bad for her relationship with Chef Clack, and they broke up in October 2012.

Susanne’s story shows how complicated love, body image, and making your own decisions can be. She challenges social norms and ideas as she changes her path, showing how important self-determination is on the path to health and happiness.


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