9 Things You Must Know About Your Partner

Being in a long-term relationship is funny because you always learn something new about your partner, even if you think you know them inside and out.

You might learn something small, like how much they dislike lemon in their water, or something big, like how much they want to learn how to surf. Whatever new information you learn about your partner will seem exciting if you love them. What should you know about your partner?

Asking your partner to do a few simple things can help you get closer. These can be things like how they feel about getting married or having kids. The nine things below are things you should know about your partner.

1. Which dish they like best

There’s nothing better than getting your favorite comfort food as a treat after a tense day.

If you know your partner really likes cookie dough ice cream, you can save a pint and give it to them when they’re having a bad day. If you want to surprise them, know what their best foods, restaurants, and cuisines are.

2. What Their Bathroom Habits Are:

If you want to make a “bathroom schedule” for busy mornings, you and your partner should know about each other’s hygiene habits.

This doesn’t mean you have to know if your partner wrinkles or folds their toilet paper. Find out how your partner normally uses the bathroom and then make a plan that works for both of you.

3. How They Want to Spend Holidays

It’s possible that you and your partner already know exactly how to spend Thanksgiving and Christmas together if you’ve been together for a while. You should talk about how you’d both like to spend certain holidays and how to deal with any naughty family members if you haven’t already.

Couples should talk about how they want to spend their time with family over the holidays, especially if some of their cousins are likely to cause trouble. Both partners should agree on how they will handle any situation that comes up and act as a single unit.

4. What Their Weekly Routine Is:

You don’t have to sync your Google Calendars, but if you want to, you can. Knowing your partner’s schedule from week to week will help you plan your time together better. It will help you both plan your time together and your own “me” time if you know when they need to wake up and when they usually get home.

5. What Days Are Special to Them?

You should already know important times like your anniversary and your partner’s birthday. They will love you even more, though, if you try to remember other times that are important to them but not to you.

Taking the time to remember important dates like their kids’ birthdays (if they have any) and other family members’ will help you and your partner grow closer.

6. Their Favorite Shows and Movies

You and your partner probably already know each other’s best TV shows and movies if you guys watch TV together all the time. You could also ask them about old choices or any of their other “favorites.” It’s important to know what your partner likes, like their best color, sweater, cologne, music, movies, and TV shows.

7. What their plans are for starting a family

Before you start a family with your partner, you should have a good idea of how they see their future family structure. It might look like everyone is going to get married and have kids soon, but that’s not always the case.

You should know if your partner wants kids and how they see the family unit will work in the future. Are they going to keep working while you stay home, or will you be staying home while they work?

8. What They Believe In

If you want to make sure that your views are compatible with those of your partner, you need to know what they believe, no matter how religious they are or if they believe in no religion at all. You can see if your beliefs are in line with theirs by finding out what their core beliefs are. This could be the deciding factor in your decision.

9. If They Have Any Debt:

It’s not always fun to talk about money with your partner, but if you want to start a life together, you should both know about your bills, both separate and joint. If someone has a lot of debt, you should think twice about getting together with them for a long time.

This could change where and how they live, how much money they have for fun and travel, and how long it takes them to get out of debt. You should also find out how they got into debt and if they have problems with spending. If you want to be together in the future, their debt will change how you live your life.

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