9 things classy women always do (but never talk about)

Reality check: classy doesn’t always mean money. Read that again. Sure, a lot of wealthy women are classy. But a woman’s class is defined more by her behaviour than by her bank account or social status.

To prove my point, I’ve compiled a list of the nine things that classy women always do. Because of the classy ladies that they are, you’d rarely hear them talk about this. But I assure you, most, if not all, of these are the behaviours of real classy women. Let’s dive in!

1) A classy woman protects her image.

I know it sounds ironic that I talked about behaviour-defining class, and then I start off with something that sounds so vain. But let me explain. A classy woman‘s desire to look good goes beyond vanity. It’s not just about the makeup or the stylish clothes.

It goes deeper: She knows that a healthy body will allow her to do more for herself and for others, so she eats healthy, exercises regularly, and maintains good personal hygiene.

She also knows that being physically fit goes hand in hand with having a healthy mind, so she engages in self-care practices and mindfulness rituals. This can be anywhere from meditation, yoga, breathwork, and more.

Finally, a classy woman will consistently be impeccably dressed. She does this because she wants her inner beauty to radiate. And yes, she doesn’t need to wear designer clothes from head to toe. In fact, a real classy woman can pull off a thrift store outfit. The key to keeping it classy is dressing up neat, tidy, and appropriate for the occasion.

2) A classy woman looks beyond prejudice.

Speaking of not being superficial, let’s talk about how classy women ignore stereotypes and biases. A real classy woman does not discriminate. I couldn’t think of a better example to prove this point than Princess Diana.

In 1987, cameras captured Princess Diana shaking the hands of a man with AIDS—without gloves. She was the first and only royal to do this. You’re probably thinking, So what?

During those days, people believed HIV/AIDS could be passed on by touching someone infected. At a time when everybody avoided and judged these patients, Princess Diana showed them empathy and compassion. That’s the epitome of a classy woman, right there!

3) A classy woman isn’t afraid to broaden her horizons.

Like the late Princess Diana, a classy woman loves engaging with communities outside her own. She loves to learn about other cultures and ideologies because she wants to understand them better. She is also unafraid of trying new things, even if they’re outside her comfort zone.

For the less adventurous, classy woman, her learning comes in the form of reading books, taking classes, or learning from those around her. The point is that classy women are self-aware enough to know that they don’t know everything, and they’re open-minded enough that they are eager to learn new things.

4) A classy woman filters her social media.

No, I’m not talking about Clarendon on Instagram or the Beauty Mode on TikTok.What I’m saying is that classy women do not post everything on their social media. They also do not disclose everything to everyone.

An example of what classy ladies don’t do is go live crying on their socials whenever they fight with their significant other. But don’t confuse these with women trying to portray an Instagram-perfect life. The difference between the two is that classy women respect themselves and the people around them enough to know that some things are best kept private.

Here’s another example: A classy woman can go on lavish trips, but you won’t see them posting on social media. Why? They went on vacation to enjoy themselves, not so they could post on social media for the sake of likes or followers.

5) A classy woman spends money. Wisely.

Whether it be spent on a luxury trip or a budget vacation, or whether she’s earning in the tens of thousands or hundreds of millions, one of the practical things a classy woman will always do is be smart about her finances.

She will spend no more than she can afford, and she ensures she lives within her means. She keeps track of the money that’s coming in and out and has a budget that she sticks to. She indulges herself occasionally, but she always remembers to set aside funds for a rainy day and has a savings plan to achieve her long-term financial goals.

6) A classy woman weighs her words before she speaks.

What makes a woman elegant and classy is the way she communicates consciously. She thinks before she speaks, so she rarely regrets anything that she says. She uses sincere yet kind language. She knows when she needs to be frank and when it’s best to keep silent.

Like Thumper (the rabbit) from the Disney movie Bambi, classy women believe in the saying, “If you can’t say anything nice, then don’t say anything at all.”

7) A classy woman argues in style.

So we’ve already established that one of the things classy women do is use the right words in the right context. But this doesn’t mean they always agree with other people’s views. After all, they’re humans too.

What differentiates the classy from the unclassy is that classy women engage in constructive dialogue. This means they are open to hearing the opposing views of others while also gracefully standing up for their own. They try to either arrive at a compromise or politely agree to disagree. What classy women don’t do is engage in catfights, resort to name-calling, foul language, belittling, or bullying.

8) A classy woman always takes the high road.

But what happens when the person they’re disagreeing with starts throwing insults? What do all classy women do in this case? They take the high road. Classy women will not stoop to the same level as the person dishing out the insults. Instead, they will either respond with kindness or politely step away. You will not see classy women fighting aggression with aggression or answering negativity with negativity.

Another example is when someone starts spreading rumours about them. The classy woman will not dig for dirt against this person to fight the rumour with another umor. While we’re on the topic of rumours, I should add that one of the things classy women do when it comes to taking the high road is that they avoid engaging in gossiping behaviours.

As we said earlier, if no good comes out of it, the classy woman will not bother discussing it.

9) A classy woman leaves a good impression.

They dress well, are not judgmental, say the right words at the right time, and don’t pick fights. In my book, these are enough to make a good impression. But wait, the classy woman has more.

One of the notable behaviours of a classy woman is her beautiful manners. Yes, part of it is basic table manners, like chewing with her mouth closed. But no, being a classy woman doesn’t require her to know which one’s the dinner fork, the salad fork, the dessert fork, or the oyster fork.

But we all know manners don’t stop at the dinner table. It also goes beyond knowing how to say “please,” “thank you,” and “excuse me.” A classy woman displays her impressive manners in so many other ways:

  • She shows up on time.
  • She speaks in a respectful and friendly tone.
  • She listens attentively.
  • She maintains eye contact.
  • She respects boundaries.

The takeaway

A classy woman presents herself and behaves in a way that leaves a lasting impression on your memory. Now that you’ve gone through the list, what are the behaviours of classy women that you’re already exhibiting? It’s okay if it’s not nine of them.

Because here’s the bonus item on the list: Classy women strive to improve daily because they know they’re a work in progress. 😉

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