9 Simple secrets to success from Elon Musk

Across the world, among the most successful and powerful people is a 47-year-old South African-born American-Canadian business mogul and inventor. Mentioning the words technology and entrepreneurship in a single sentence without the inclusion of Elon Musk is an understatement.

Elon Musk has a net worth of 251.3 billion USD and he is the richest people in the world. All these years, Elon Musk has been a creator and entrepreneur. Immediately after college, numerous passions moved Elon to develop and manage projects and companies of his own.

Elon is quite an inspiration to many, and as a business magnate, a lot of people always look upon him. As many people admire and are inspired by the success of Musk, it’s imperative to note that the success of Musk was founded on several things that he is unique.

1. Innovative Mindset

Elon has been part of many success stories in the technology sector. From Paypal, OpenAI, Zip2, and the success of SpaceX and Tesla, which Musk founded, the origin can be traced to the founder being innovative and creative from a young age.

An innovative idea captures the imagination of investors and consumers, and this idea launches a new company forward.

2. Ambitious

Elon Musk is the kind of guy who envisions something and works all the way to see the idea become successful. He is exceptionally ambitious. Even after making millions from Paypal, he didn’t stop at that, like most people would. He had a dream.

He wanted to achieve the vision he had in college of changing the future by creating sustainable energy, providing the internet, and allowing space travel. This kept him going, and he kept inventing. That’s why we now have SpaceX and Tesla.

His future plans are also amazing. With plans to invent the Hyperloop fast train system and Neuralink to connect the brain with computers, we can only guess how many more technological advancements he has planned.

3. Motivated

Even after the failure of the SpaceX rocket, Musk was still motivated. He had the drive to continue against the odds of failure. He didn’t bother about the failures.

His determination is amazing. He is motivated and sticks with the attitude. Elon is always on the move to accomplish his objectives. Elon Musk takes his failures and uses them to motivate him forward.

4. Risk-tolerant

Musk left a comfortable life after success with the computer game ZiP2, a tourism guide, and Paypal to venture into other risky businesses. The odds were against him. His first three launches at SpaceX were failures.

Tesla Motors also failed to meet the deadline for its first Tesla roadster, and the company almost went bankrupt. But these didn’t make him stop. He was determined and had a never-give-up mentality. He continued with his venture to make SpaceX successful and convinced other investors to join him to make Tesla a success.

5. Optimistic

At an early stage, Elon discovered that he believed in all of his projects beyond anyone else. He loves his brand and puts up everything to make it his vision. He tends to set high standards and works hard to meet them, though at times he misses deadlines. He aims to give the best.

For instance, Tesla missed production targets and deadlines for some models of electric cars. This is understandable given the kind of technology being used and trying to be implemented. Being optimistic, like Musk, keeps investors interested.

6. Passionate

Elon Musk is passionate about technology. He has big dreams that most of us would only consider fantasies only seen in science fiction films.

But he is passionate about getting us the future that we have always thought of. He has had the stubbornness to pursue his passions from a young age, and that drove him to begin his companies.

From founding SpaceX with a mission to colonise Mars to Tesla Motors, which manufactures electric cars, to his new venture, the Hyperloop fast train system with car sleds to transport people at the speed of sound through a vacuum tube, to the Neuralink company aimed at connecting the human brain to the computer through tiny electrodes, and many more ideas and plans he has in place,.

7. Diverse Thinker

Elon Musk is an engineer who has the ability to think and design equally. He is constantly thinking about what he did and how it can be done differently. The trait of self-reflection is critical to success.

He seeks critics, and he is always looking to further his knowledge of science. He reads extensively and gains voracious understanding and knowledge. This knowledge plays a role in the success of Elon Musk.

8. Focus

Elon Musk contemplates fixing world problems for the betterment of the lives of many. He takes bigger risks to gain insight into the ultimate bigger picture of succeeding and to have a positive impact on his work.

He is hardworking and sets standards for his colleagues. Elon Musk has a steady focus and loves what he does. He ensures continuous improvement and is known for being an incredible task manager.

9. Confidence

Intense self-confidence enabled Elon Musk to handle different companies and positions at the same time, despite facing challenges like missed delivery deadlines, broken cars, failed rocket launches, and economic challenges that come with the technology used in advanced aerospace and automotive markets. It’s the combination of these traits that makes Elon Musk the success he is today.

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