9 Signs That Your Partner Actually Has Another Woman In His Life

1. He’s less interested in you all of a sudden.
When someone likes us, they will do a lot to be as close to us as possible, both physically and mentally. Your man is no longer interested in you if he stops listening to you when you talk or if your sexual relationship comes to an abrupt end.

2. He is always talking on the phone.
If every time he sees you, he’s deep in his phone, there’s probably more going on. He can’t pay full attention to you because someone else is getting in the way. And it’s likely that at least one of them is a woman.

3. He’s suddenly too busy to see you.
When you first started dating, he had all the time in the world to meet you for dinner and spend real time with you. Now, all of a sudden, he is very busy, and it looks like he doesn’t have time for you. If this is true, he would be sure to make room for you in his schedule.

4. He starts to be more careful with his phone and computer.
If he doesn’t want you to look at his phone, it could be because he doesn’t want you to see something he doesn’t want you to see. Could it be one of the signs that your man likes another girl?

5. His grooming habits have changed.
If your partner suddenly cares a lot about how he looks for no reason, this could be a sign of trouble. If this is not the case, you should be on the lookout for more signs like these.

6. He is very defensive.
He starts to take everything the wrong way, or maybe he gets angry when you ask him something easy. This is because his shame is building up, and he’s getting upset about it. He uses his natural guard because he’s trying to hide something from you.

7. He talks a lot about the same girl.
If he talks too much about one person, it could mean he has a crush on her and is trying to hide it by talking about other things. If the same woman keeps coming up, it could mean that your partner likes her.

8. He starts putting you up against other women.
If your partner starts talking about women they see on TV and comparing you to them, it could be a sign that they are thinking about other women.

They might tell you to change how you look by wearing different clothes or doing your hair in a different way. This shows that they are too interested in what other women, whether they are famous or just people they know, are thinking.

9. You have more fights.
If he has a relationship with someone else, he may feel stuck with you. In that case, he might start fighting over small things.

If you fight with him over small things like this, you might wear yourself out physically and mentally. He might do this to get his anger out on you or to try to take the blame off of himself.

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