9 Signs Indicate Your Partner Is Only Using You And What To Do About It

1. You feel uneasy whenever you are in their presence.
You just don’t feel at ease around them. Your senses are telling you that something is wrong, which is why you’re feeling uneasy around this person. It suggests you don’t feel fully comfortable trusting them.

2. They are only pleasant to you when they want something from you.
They don’t actually treat you well unless they want you to do something for them. They’re only trying to appear to care about you when all they truly care about is what you can do for them.

3. They make you upset when you don’t follow through.
When you fail to deliver, they point the finger at you. When you decline to do them a favour, they will make you feel as though you have done them a big disservice. They will truly guilt you in order to control you.

4. They don’t try to keep your requirements in mind.
They don’t make an effort to understand your requirements or desires. They are constantly so self-centred, always concerned with their own well-being. They’re just taking advantage of you.

5. They rely heavily on you for financial assistance.
They always come to you when they need cash assistance. They constantly expect you to be the one who bears the financial burden when you go out on dates.

6. They never repay your kindness.
They never actually return your favours. They don’t make you feel welcome to ask them for favours, even though they do it all the time.

7. They only behave nice to you when they think you’re going away.
They only act politely towards you when they believe they are losing you. You may begin to remove yourself as a result of the abuse. However, once you do, they will behave pleasantly and make you want to stay again.

8. They never express gratitude or appreciation for your efforts.
They don’t show you any appreciation or thanks once you’ve finished doing them a favour. They don’t make you feel good about helping them. It’s as if you were dumped after use.

What should I do now?
The point of this post isn’t to tell you to cease doing favours for people. It’s still important to be pleasant and assist others in whatever manner you can.

However, there comes a moment when you must participate in both self-love and self-care. It’s still important to be pleasant and assist others in whatever manner you can. However, there comes a moment when you must practise self-love and self-care. It’s rewarding to assist individuals in need.

However, you should never jeopardise your own health in the process. And there is always a healthy exchange of give and take in a good, loving partnership. It is never just one individual who is taking up all of the time. You should never have to feel as if you are the only one making sacrifices.

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