9 Differences Between A Mature Relationship And An Immature Relationship

There’s no question that relationships can be a mess. But there is a big difference between a relationship that is healthy and grown and one that is unhealthy and young.

Anyone who has ever been in love knows that things can get tough, even if things are going well. It’s easy to forget that the love we’re feeling in a passionate relationship when we’re in the middle of it. Here are 9 important differences between adult love and immature love in case you aren’t sure what they are.

1. Mature love is trusting; immature love is jealous.

Love that has grown up knows that trust is important for a good and happy relationship. It’s not mean, crazy, or annoying.

Adults who are in a relationship know they need to trust their partner or not have anything together.

2. Immature love is obsessive, while mature love is calm.

Relationships between adults are easygoing. There are lulls, but that’s okay because they don’t feel forced.

If your partner makes you feel like you have to think about them all the time, you are not in a healthy relationship.

3. Mature love understands everyone has faults; immature love places their partner on a pedestal.

There’s no doubt that people have flaws. It may seem good to think that your partner is perfect, but it’s not good for you.

Putting too much value on your partner will only make you feel let down. Know that your partner is a person, and expect them to know the same thing about you.

4. Mature love gives you what you need; immature love leaves you wanting something more.

If you’re in a healthy relationship, your wants will be met. Instead of always feeling like you are up against something, you will be happy and satisfied. Being a child in love means you have to beg for your needs to be met.

5. Mature relationships recognize two individuals; immature love strives to be one complete person.

When people are in a relationship, a lot of them try to become one blob. They are always together, never let each other out of sight, and watch what the other does around the clock.

Relationships that are healthy and mature realize that the people in them are two separate people who are together but not one.

6. Mature relationships motivate you; immature relationships break down your drive.

In an adult relationship, the other person will push you to be a better person. It will motivate you to be the best person you can be.

In an immature relationship, on the other hand, you will lose sight of your plans, goals, and dreams.

7. Mature relationships know themselves; immature relationships are trying to find themselves.

In interactions between people who aren’t fully grown, both people feel like they aren’t whole. They look for a partner to make them feel whole and validated. Adults who are in a relationship know that they are complete on their own.

8. Mature relationships enjoy meeting other people; immature relationships are threatened by everyone else.

In a healthy relationship, having a friend doesn’t make either person feel threatened.

In fact, they know it’s important to have friends outside of their relationship. The person in an immature relationship feels scared whenever someone comes near their partner.

9. Mature love is drama-free; immature love is chaos.

There is no drama in a friendship between adults. Indeed, fights are likely to happen. An immature relationship is always tense and full of drama.

There is anger, two people who are fixated and afraid, and two people who don’t know or understand what real love is. Love that is fully grown is safe and comforting.

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