8 sure signs your partner is not truly in love with you

It’s okay to break up sometimes. Really, that’s true even more when we’re not in the right relationship. But it’s not always easy to tell when our partners aren’t really in love with us because of the small signs.

It’s possible that your partner is not really in love with you. Here are some usual signs that they are not truly in love with you-

1. They don’t ever prioritize you.

In your daily life, they never try to put you first. In no way do they try to make you feel like you are the most important person to them.

It seems like you have to come in second place all the time. Either they will always put their friends, their job, or even their own family ahead of you.

2. They never treat you with respect.

There should be no need for your partner to be taught respect when you’re together. They don’t seem to not care about your honor. They will always say bad things about you to make you feel bad.

They will always use your time and care against you. They treat you like they don’t care about you. They never treat you like a person or a partner; they always treat you like a thing.

3. They don’t apologize to you when they screw up or hurt you.

They don’t even agree that the relationship is perfect, but they won’t say it. They will never admit that they were wrong or that they have flaws on their own.

It’s like their pride won’t let them let go for the sake of marriage. Every time they mess up, they don’t even try to say sorry. They’re fine with letting you down and making you feel bad like that.

4. They don’t ever talk about the future with you.

They don’t even try to talk about the future with you or show any signs that they want to. They won’t be able to see the future from where you are.

They always do what they want and don’t change anything. You can tell they’re not really interested in the relationship because they don’t seem to care about where it’s going.

5. They do not show any willingness to compromise.

Giving and taking will always be an important part of any relationship that wants to last and be successful. Your partner probably isn’t willing to settle because they still want what they want and don’t love you enough to give up their own needs and wants. It’s possible that they don’t really like you.

6. They don’t seem to care about your life at all.

They don’t try to show that they care about your life in a real way. What you might be going through at work is not asked about very often. They don’t ask you or care about the things that really matter to you. They don’t try to join in any of your favorite activities.

7. They do not open up to you deeply.

In a personal way, they don’t try to get close to you. It’s as if they don’t mind that at all and are just keeping you away. They will not want to be honest with you and will act like it’s okay for them to do so. You’ll always have to try hard to get them to tell you something. They’ll never really show that they trust you.

8. They don’t pay attention to any of your needs.

Lastly, they don’t pay attention to what you need. They always do what makes them happy on their own and don’t bother anyone else. But your happiness doesn’t seem to be taken into account at all.

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