7 Signs of a Toxic Friendship That Will Only Harm You

The longer your friendship has lasted, the more valuable it becomes. It can be difficult to cut off communication with old friends, but sometimes it’s necessary. Good friendships can become weaker over several years and may even prove useless for both parties involved.

Listed below is a collection of signs that could mean you have a toxic friend in your life. If someone close to you has several of these qualities, it might be time to think about whether or not you should continue communicating with them.

1. She isn’t happy when you’re successful. If you’re telling a friend about your success and her immediate reaction is to try changing the subject, this could be a clear sign of a toxic friend. She may complain about her life and say things like, See! You have a boyfriend, and I have nothing.

A toxic friend isn’t going to care about the good things happening in your life, but she loves it when you’re in trouble. What’s wrong with this? Receiving a negative reaction from your friend about your success can make you feel guilty.

2. She acts jealous as if she were your boyfriend. This type of friend won’t be happy to see you if she finds out you saw someone else before her. She might even get angry or upset over it, requiring you to invite her everywhere.

A toxic friend like this could even end up tracking your social media activity in the most extreme circumstances. She will also probably get angry if she notices you going out with other friends and not inviting her. What’s wrong with this? It can certainly lead to more arguments, likely because you’ll get tired of feeling like a teacher to your friend.

3. You feel like you want to hide something from her. Previous negative experiences, a change in interests, or some other unclear feelings can make you refrain from telling your friend about certain things, even though you normally share everything with them.

What’s wrong with this? If you stop talking to your friend about feelings, personal events, and problems, then you will soon realise the two of you have absolutely nothing to talk about anymore.

4. She calls you at all times of the day, asking you to listen to her. There are times when support is required from a friend, but a toxic friend can easily abuse this. She may call you late at night, asking you to listen to her, and she will then get offended when you say no.

Support is extremely important for a close relationship, but you shouldn’t serve as just a pillow to cry on. What’s wrong with this? By succumbing to your friend’s persistence, you’re giving them a pass. That means she is only going to call you with her stories more often.

5. She highlights her advantages using your disadvantages: This kind of toxic friend looks strong and confident. She wears the coolest clothes and criticises everyone around her, including you.

These types of friends often have low self-esteem and are only trying to hide it. What’s wrong with this? You will eventually feel less confident and less decisive when she’s around.

6. She’s too dramatic, and she only talks about her problems. She will constantly talk about how bad her life is. This type of girl likes the thought of how much pain she has inside. Psychologists think that being easily offended and seeing only the negative sides of life can be symptoms of neurosis.

What’s wrong with this? By trying to support your friend and choosing the topics she can talk about, you might get into the habit of seeing only the bad stuff and ignoring the good.

7. She criticises you and is too honest. Girls love to ask their friends, “Do I look bad?” hoping (and almost expecting) a negative answer. Toxic friends will say something like, “Yes, there is something wrong with you. You have dark circles under your eyes.”

A bad mood could easily explain this if it occurs once or twice. But if she criticises you all the time, it’s a worrying sign. What’s wrong with this? Reasonable criticism helps us become better. But if someone is using you to make themselves feel better, it’s time to end the relationship.

Source; amazinglovequotes.org

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