7 Reasons why a man is ready to leave his married life for other women

1. He likes women who are happy.

Every man wants his woman to be happy all the time. He does everything he can to make her feel safe and loved. But his life is empty if she doesn’t respect his work or acts like she doesn’t care.

He has to look for a new partner because he doesn’t think his current marriage is making him happy.

2. He doesn’t like tears.

“Crying women” is one thing that scares guys. When a woman cries in front of her husband, she feels powerless, responsible, and guilty. Men don’t like to cry. They are going to try to find him a partner who shares his responsibilities and doesn’t whine all day.

3. He’s looking for something new.

When guys don’t get what they want from their wives, they often start dating other women. If they don’t like you, they might look for affairs with other people.

4. He’s trying to find a companion.

A husband wants a wife who will always be there for him. Men like to be with a partner who understands them and can give them advice without judging them.

Men want their wives to be friendly, and if they’re not, they look for other people they know who won’t judge them. During this process, they start to like a friendly woman.

5. He prefers self-reliant women.

Your partner wants you to be able to depend on him. But he wants you to be on your own one day. It only means that he’s not interested in you anymore.

6. Men like to play

They like to mess around and play games. If they think they can’t find any excitement in you, they will look for someone else to hang out with.

7. As a result of his ego

As the saying goes, “time changes everything,” and after being married for a while, people may not feel as much love and respect for each other. It’s possible that they no longer care as much about each other.

Some men might want to feel that “spark” again in their lives. Then he tries to find another woman with whom he could fall deeply in love. He wants to feel like he did when he was younger.

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