7 Proven Ways To Get A Girl To Chase You!

1. Get to know her friends.
Make friends with her pals. Introduce yourself to her social circle. She will seek advice and perspective on her love life from her pals.

So, if you establish yourself as a worthy match early on, that’s a wonderful thing. Her friends will rally behind you and support you.

2. Allow her to feel empowered.
Women nowadays want to feel powerful. You are misguided if you believe that asserting your power over a girl would win her over.

The modern lady understands her place and her worth. So persuade her that you believe in her abilities, and she’ll pay greater attention to you.

3. Be available but not desperate.
Allow her to realize you’re accessible but not desperate. She must be aware that she has a brief window of opportunity to become romantically linked with you.

But you must do so in a way that does not give the impression that you are overly dependent on them.

4. Remove Her Personality
Learn more about her. Ask her several questions. It is critical that she believes you are genuinely interested in her life. This manner, she’ll see that you’re more than simply what’s on the surface.

5. Look for things that tie the two of you together.
Look for anything that can bring the two of you together. It can be through shared interests, such as music, movies, novels, and so on. Again, it all begins with you making that connection. The more you connect, the better your shot will be.

6. Explain to her that you have an intriguing personal life.
It can’t be just about her. You must demonstrate to her that you are a man of substance as well as passion. Persuade her that you, too, have many exciting things going on in your life. Showcase your best qualities and characteristics.

7. Be honest about your emotions.
Girls sometimes respond to people who just go after what they want. Don’t be too forward or overeager. But don’t be evasive about it.

Be open and honest about your objectives. At the same time, make sure she doesn’t feel compelled to participate in anything. That is something she is likely to admire about you.

Last Thoughts
Of course, you have a chance with her. You can compete with anyone. Just do your best to play your cards correctly. Finally, if all goes as planned, you’ll be able to live a joyful life full of love and fulfilment with an incredible girl.

None of this will happen unless you take the initial move. You simply have to be brave and self-assured enough to put yourself out there.

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  1. What if she is feeling you but she is not showing up?.
    What is she is not talking to you except you talk first and she reply you with ‘yes’, ‘no’, ‘okay’ and so on?


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