7 Healthy Relationship Habits That Most People Take For Granted

When we think of a happy and healthy relationship, several things likely come to mind. And while most would think of the happiest relationships as the ones that are the most intense, the thing is, most healthy relationship habits can be found in simple, everyday gestures.

Don’t get me wrong, grand romantic gestures can be nice, but just because your partner makes them doesn’t mean your relationship is healthy. Truly healthy relationships are the ones that stick by each other through thick and thin, even when the fun and excitement begin to wear thin.

While passion and excitement are fun and most definitely something to try to keep alive, show me a relationship where two people get up every day and choose to love each other, despite the hard times. Here are seven healthy relationships that most people take for granted.

1. Respect

Respect is fundamental to a happy and healthy relationship.

Respect means treating your partner with respect, even when you disagree with them and even when all the pressure of the world is on your shoulders. It means fighting with respect. And it means considering your partner before you make moves that affect them.

2. Vulnerability.

In partnerships, people often don’t think about how vulnerable they are. It makes sense that weakness is hard to find and rare in a world where tragedy and heartbreak happen all the time.

They can be vulnerable with you, and you can be vulnerable with them. Then you have a good relationship with that person.

3. Trust.

Over time, two people learn to trust each other when they know they can lean on and rely on each other without worrying about what the other person will do.

When you trust your partner, you don’t have to worry about whether they will sleep with someone else in the evening. Giving up everything for someone else and trusting that they will be there no matter what.

4. Being honest.

Being honest is very important in a friendship. Being honest is the most important thing you can have. Truthfully doesn’t just mean when it’s easy for you. It’s also important to be honest when it’s hard.

5. Forgiveness.

There will be times when either you or your partner does something wrong. When this happens, you need to forgive them. If not, you will both be stuck in the past, which will slow you down in the long run.

6. Productive arguments

You may be shaking your head, but stay with me. There are going to be fights. A good argument is when two people fight for their relationship instead of fighting to be right.

7. Time apart.

Just because you spend all of your time with your partner doesn’t mean you’ll be happy. Being with someone who won’t stop you from living your own life is the only way to be truly happy. When you get along with someone, you forget about the person your partner fell in love with in the first place.

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