6 Types Of Women Every Man Should Avoid And Here Is Why

1. A woman who still hasn’t gotten over her last relationship and ex

It’s risky to date or start a relationship with a woman who is still upset about her ex-boyfriend’s new girlfriend. Your trip down that road will lead to one of the worst disappointments in life.

She’s still sad, and if she keeps talking about her ex, you’ll just become a source of comfort for her. If the woman hasn’t healed, you should stay away from her because the relationship won’t last. When she’s better, she’ll beat you.

2. Someone who gets farther away from you

If a man or woman has put you in the “friend zone,” there’s no point in dating them. The relationship will never go beyond that point, and you’ll just be wasting your time.

When a woman doesn’t want to talk about the future or just says that she and you will be friends, she has friend-zoned you. These women will treat you like a sister and never try to get to know you better.

3. A woman who shows interest in what you have

Does that woman like you, or do they like what you have to offer? Before going any further, any man in a relationship should find out that one thing.

If all she cares about is what got her interested in you—your money, your job, and your car—then you’re in the wrong relationship if you want to be happy. The best thing you can do is break up before it’s too late to make any changes.

4. A woman who is never available to you

If she never makes time for you or with you, she doesn’t care about you or the connection. Nobody is ever too busy for the things and people they care about, and they will do anything to make time for them.

Don’t use the fact that you have a job as an excuse. It’s risky to get close to someone who is always busy and never has time for social things. She probably won’t change at all.

5. A woman who continues to cry after losing a loved one

When dealing with this kind of woman, you should wait until she is better before taking the connection further. When a woman is sad, she may look for anyone who can make her feel better, not because she loves them.

Most likely, she doesn’t love you; she just wants someone to make her feel better. When she’s finally comforted, she’ll get back on her feet and move on from the relationship.

6. The woman who didn’t believe in herself

You’ll never be able to be yourself around a woman who doesn’t feel good about herself. She will always want to be the only woman in your group.

She won’t give you any space, and she’ll try to be your personal protection system all the time. Dating an anxious woman is very dangerous because she has trouble trusting people. If one person can’t trust the other, the friendship can’t last.

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