6 Signs You Are Being Manipulated

People who manipulate others are very good at what they do, which makes it hard to spot them if you don’t know how they do it. There is a way to understand what you are going through, which is good news.

You know how bad it is when someone tries to trick you from something you want. Some people are manipulators because they are determined to get what they want.

They aren’t afraid to run over anyone who gets in their way. These six things will help you tell if someone is a narcissist if you doubt it.

1. They trick you.

This person works hard all the time to make you question your own reality. People will call you crazy if you bring up valid worries, and they will try to change your story if you talk about things that happened. They’ll often say things like “that’s not how that happened” or “you’re too sensitive.” They want you to lose sight of what’s real.

2. They don’t want to be responsible for anything.

They won’t take blame when they do something wrong. They won’t take responsibility for what they did, even if someone calls them out on it. They always have a reason instead.

3. They play the victim.

No matter what, they are always suffering because of someone else. They told you about everyone who had ever hurt them when you first met them. You started to notice after a while that they are always the ones who get hurt.

4. At first, they sent you a love bomb.

People who are manipulators are known for love-bombing. People love-bomb you when they meet you for the first time and try to get too close too quickly.

This can happen when you meet a possible partner and they tell you right away that they love you or that you are their soulmate. People who are just friends may say, “I’ve never met a friend like you,” even if they don’t know much about you. Even though it may sound nice, it’s just their way of getting you to use and abuse them.

5. They change the truth.

The truth is always twisted by manipulators. They always tell different stories about what happened when they talk about it. It might take a while to get this, but if you keep up with it, it will become very clear very quickly.

6. They diminish your problems and play up their own.

They say things like, “That’s not as bad as __________; I’m really going through it right now,” when you try to talk to them about your issues. Because they are too busy with their own problems, they don’t care much about other people’s. This makes you feel bad for them.

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