6 Secret Ways To Make Anyone Chase You

If you tend to be the one who is always chasing everyone else, it can get old fast. However, if you are ready for a paradigm shift, keep reading, because I have five secrets to making other people start chasing you.

People like to be desired. It’s just hard-wired into us. But, admittedly, there are typically two types of people: those who chase and those who get chased.

If you are typically the one who does the chasing, then you have likely gotten tied into this persona. However, you can turn the tables and become the one who gets chased. If you are wondering how exactly to go about that, here are five helpful tips.

1. Stop chasing others.

You have to have the energy you want to attract. What I mean by this is that if you want to be the one who is getting chased, you have to stop chasing others.

Instead, remember that you don’t have to chase anyone, and you are worthy of being chased. If you are struggling with your self-image, focus on the next tip, especially.

2. Work on yourself.

You do not have to be Megan Fox to get someone to chase you. If you have hangups about yourself, work on them. Take time to focus on your hygiene, wear nice clothes, be kind, and become a person who is changeable.

I do not mean that you are unworthy of being chased as is, but if you struggle to think you are worthy of being chased, what is it that you believe is holding you back? Think about that, and work on yourself.

3. Have your own life.

Nothing is more unappealing than having someone completely revolve their entire existence around you. A person will quickly lose respect for you if they believe they are the center of your universe.

Build your own life, spend time with friends, participate in hobbies, go out and about, and create your own life. When you have your own life, you don’t sideline your own priorities for another person. Period.

4. Do not come off as desperate.

If you are always obsessing over this person and appearing as though you desperately need them, you are going to put them off. This might be hard to hear, but it is the absolute truth.

When he messages you, do not drop everything you are doing to run to the phone and reply. Take your time. Let them earn your interest. It’s okay to show interest, but don’t act too crazy over them, as it is off-putting.

5. If they pull back, don’t lose your cool.

If they don’t immediately reply to you, don’t lose your cool. Stay patient, and let them come back to you on their own. If they don’t, let them go.

6. Make them miss you.

Don’t always be at their beck and call. Make them come to you. It’s okay to go off the radar from time to time. Spend some time with your friends, don’t immediately respond to them, and take some time for yourself. Making space for them to miss you is very important.

Courtesy: https://awarenessact.com/

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