6 Habits That Make You Less Attractive

People often think of looks when they think of beauty, but you could be the most beautiful person in the world and not be attractive. Even though it sounds strange, how you look doesn’t matter if you do bad things.

Having said that, we all have things about us that make us look bad. We are all flawed and not perfect. Figure out what our flaws are and what we need to do to fix them. This is the first step in working on them.

Having said that, many of the things below are probably habits that most people don’t know make them look bad.

1. Being too thirsty.

Putting yourself out there might seem like a good idea. It’s okay to let people of the opposite s e x know that you’re looking, but be careful not to seem desperate. Most people find it very annoying when you’re always looking for approval. It makes you look desperate, which turns them off.

2. Talking about yourself too much.

You can be sure of who you are; just don’t brag too much. Instead, it’s better to ask about the other person and pay attention when they talk. People will notice if you are always waiting for your turn to talk.

3. Being too critical of others.

Being critical of other people all the time is not a good look. It might look like you are harsh or critical to people who are not close to you.

4. Being pessimistic.

Bad moods and pessimistic people are not fun to be around. We’ve all been around that person who is always whining and never seems happy. It’s hard to like this kind of person because they tend to bring down those around them.

5. Not taking care of yourself the way you should.

Being pretty doesn’t mean you have to be a beauty, but you should do what you need to do. Eating the right amount of food, cleaning your teeth, taking baths, and other forms of good hygiene keep us in great shape. Some people won’t be interested in you if you don’t take care of yourself first.

6. Staying away from new people at all costs.

It might be easy to want to keep to yourself. But if you stay away from people and spend all of your time alone, you will have a much lower chance of meeting someone who likes you.

Courtesy: https://awarenessact.com/

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