6 Differences Between True Love & Toxic Love

It’s not always easy to be in a relationship. Most of us think that if you are in a bad relationship, it will be clear, but when you are in love, you often can’t see what’s going on. But if you’re reading this, you probably have a feeling that your relationship isn’t the best or know someone whose relationship isn’t the best.

No matter what, think about what you’ve read here. But remember that every case is different. If you think your relationship is bad, you need to face it and figure out how to move on. There are six ways that poisonous love is different from real love.

1. Toxic love feels forced, while true love just is.

You will always feel like you have to fight for what you want in a bad relationship. There are no lulls, and if there are any, they don’t last long. True love doesn’t have to happen, but it may need work.

2. Toxic love is conditional, while true love is unconditional.

You have to change for toxic love to go away. They are not right for each other, so one or both of them are always trying to change the other. Still, true love doesn’t care what others think.

3. Toxic love means fighting all the time for no reason, while real love is about finding a way to compromise.

Fights happen all the time in a bad relationship and never get you anywhere. You could fight for hours, but nothing would change.

For real love to last, there may be fights and even frequent arguments, but in the end, both people agree on something and things get better.

4. Toxic love is controlling, but real love lets you be who you are.

There is no healthy or emotionally grown love in a bad relationship. What you get instead is co-dependence and passion. When you’re in a real love relationship, your partner will know that you both need time and space to be single and not just in the partnership.

5. Toxic love is continuing to repeat the same vicious cycles, while true love evolves.

People in toxic relationships keep getting into fights, arguments, and loops that aren’t good for them. They never get better. But in a healthy partnership, fights happen. But as the fights end, both people learn, grow, and change.

6. Toxic love holds each other in contempt, while true love holds each other in acceptance.

People who are in a bad relationship will look down on each other. They are in a very bad push-and-pull relationship that feels like a war that will never end. As long as both people are healthy, they will love and accept each other no matter what.

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