5 Ways to Identify Fake People in Your Life

In a more optimistic world, fake people are unlikely to exist, but in this harsh reality we live in, this type of person is becoming more like an epidemic with each passing day.

If you’re not sure if your “friends” are telling the truth, here are five ways to tell the difference.

1. They make everything about them.

Picture this: you’re telling a friend about the problem you’re having with your partner when all of a sudden, she cuts you off and says she doesn’t want to hear about it because it’s making her feel bad.

People who aren’t real don’t care about you or what you’re going through. When you tell a friend about your problems, they will probably make it about them instead, which means that “friend” is probably not real.

2. You can’t reach them when you need to.

People who have a lot of friends often feel this way. When everything is great, you may have a lot of people you call friends, but when things are bad, it’s rare to have the same number of friends around you.

Follow my advice and keep a close eye on your circle. Always remember that amount is not as important as quality. Having a lot of friends doesn’t help if none of them are there for you when you need them.

3. They talk about you behind your back.

This is a tough one because they won’t tell you unless someone they’ve been talking to finally feels bad enough to do it.

The fact that they were going to do this may make you wonder why they became your friend in the first place. You’ll never find the answers to your questions.

It’s fun for fake people to break people up. They’ll come up to you and act like they’re your friend, but all they’ve been doing is gathering bad information about you to share when the time is right.

4. They secretly love seeing you in misery.

People who are like this might never tell you this, but they love seeing you in pain. They aren’t interested in the friendship at all, so they don’t care about you or how you feel.

They might offer to hold you when you need to cry, but they don’t really care.

They might even use your situation to their own gain, which brings us to the next indicator.

5. They like taking opportunities from you.

There is no doubt that fake people will jump at the chance to take something from you. Oh, that guy you like behind his back? She’s seeing him already.

How about that play part you’ve been working so hard on? She knows people and has someone else who can cast her.

Even worse, they might act like nothing is wrong and use the situation against you, making it look like you’re the one calling attention to yourself.

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