5 Bad Relationship Habits Experts Are Begging You To Stop NOW

When things start to go badly in our relationships, we often think right away that they are over. Sure, our habits and the things we choose to do make a huge difference in everything we do.

It’s true that none of us are perfect. Saying sorry for your bad habits could make things better in your relationship, though. Would you do it? The first thing you need to do is figure out your bad habits before it’s too late. Take a mental step back from your position (of course) and be honest with yourself and your partner about your relationship before you go any further.

Allow yourself to think that mistakes can be made and that the future of your relationship lies with you and your partner. Now that you know all of that, here are 5 bad relationship habits you need to stop right away.

1. Waiting for your partner to initiate affection

Because of social norms, this is more likely to happen to women than men. Doing this can make you never go after your own wants and always wait for your partner’s. Because of this, your needs probably won’t be met. On the other hand, you will become angry.

2. Changing who you are to be more like your partner

You might want to change to fit what your partner wants you to be. But this is a really bad thing to do. In the first place, it will make you lose touch with your true beliefs.

You might think this is fine right now, but your real self will show up at some point. You are strengthening the idea that you aren’t good enough by doing this.

3. Holding your partner accountable for your emotions and happiness

Your partner is not in charge of making you happy and content. Some people say that being in a good relationship can make you happy, but it’s not their job to make you happy. That is something you need to do for yourself.

4. Fighting to be right

When you fight to be right, you’re not on the right team. You need to fight for your bond.

5. Never letting go of the past

If you tell your partner you forgive them, you should. If you haven’t let go, don’t say that you have. Don’t keep putting the hurt back together.

Courtesy: https://awarenessact.com/

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