4 things that hurt a woman the most in a relationship

A man should know something about how girls work. They think straight, have soft hearts, and are easy to hurt. Many things hurt women, but many guys might not know what they are.

Today, we’ll show you what hurts a woman the most in a relationship. Let’s start-

1. Attention split

A woman hates it when you can’t pay your full attention to her. When your friends or other things are more important to you than them, it hurts a woman to see that you can give up some time for other things but not for her.

2. Being interested in other women

When a woman sees her man chatting with another woman, even if he doesn’t have a relationship with that woman, it hurts. Because it hurts so much to see there are always misunderstandings in some relationships.

You might think it’s nothing, and since you have nothing in common with her, you can play with her. But it will hurt a woman very much to see it. They may sometimes act like they don’t care, but she will always remember it.

She may try to hide how she feels, but one day, she will let you know in a way that may surprise you. You can flirt with them, but you can’t flirt with another woman, especially when she’s there.

3. Not being proud of her

When you hide a woman from your friends and family, it hurts the woman. It hurts them when other people can see that you are not proud of them. You only like them in your room, but when you leave your house, you treat them badly. When you keep ignoring a woman, especially when you are with someone else, it hurts her feelings.

4. Lies.

When a woman finds out that her man always lies, it hurts. When a man lies about who they are to win them over, it hurts them. As an example; If a man tells a woman that he has everything money can buy and then marries her, you will see that when the woman finds out, it will hurt her and could even cause them to split up.

All of these things are the worst things that can happen to a woman. If you have anything to say, feel free to do so.

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