“4 Most Important Types of Exercise”, According to Harvard

There is no doubt that exercise is important for our health and well-being. As for what kind of exercise is best, many people say the kind we enjoy. But there are some that are better than the rest.

Harvard Health did a lot of study on the different types of exercise and told us which ones are best for our health.

If you don’t like working out, these are easy things you can do to get the rewards.

1. Aerobic Exercise

Harvard Health says physical exercise is important because it makes you stronger and allows the walls of your blood vessels to relax. They also even out your cholesterol, lower your blood sugar, burn fat, and lower your blood pressure.

Harvard recommends 150 minutes a week, and the study backs this up. Some examples are walking, jogging, swimming, and even dancing.

2. Strength training

Going to the gym to build strength is great for your health and your digestion. It is known that having more muscle makes your body burn more calories.

Harvard also says that it’s good for healing inflammation and heart health. Squats, lunges, sit-ups, and pull-ups are some examples.

3. Stretching

We lose our flexibility as we age, but stretching can help us get it back. It’s very helpful to keep up a stretching habit because it keeps us flexible and helps reduce inflammation in sore, tight muscles.

Single knee movements, downward-facing dogs, and other stretches are some examples.

4. Balance Exercises

People get less stable as they age, which can lead to falls. It can be very dangerous to fall. Luckily, Rachel Wilson, a physical therapist at Harvard, tells us that doing tasks that make us balance can help us get it back.

Tai Chi and yoga are two examples.

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