4 Communication Mistakes That Ruin Any Relationship

Communication is the key to making any relationship successful. When the bridges of communication are torn down, the relationship will inevitably fail.

Sadly, it’s easy to make horrible communication mistakes in a relationship without even realizing it. And over time, the more we continue to make these key mistakes, the more damage we do to our relationships.

Over time, these mistakes will destroy your relationships, so be careful not to continue making them. Here are four communication mistakes that can ruin your relationships.

1. Expecting your partner to be a mind-reader.

While nonverbal communication is a real form of communication, your partner is human and not a mind reader.

No matter how much you believe your partner should just know what you need or how you feel, there will be times in which they simply cannot read you. That’s why it’s important to say how you feel and communicate openly and with transparency.

2. Focusing on what you want to say next rather than listening.

Too often, we get so riled up by our emotions or personal desires that we lose sight of the fact that communication is a two-way street.

Communicating means listening and responding, not just responding and reacting. After a while, this communication habit can take over and become something that we do too frequently. When that happens, it can do detrimental harm to your relationship.

3. Failing to acknowledge your partner’s point of view.

When we are in a relationship, it’s important to be considerate of how your partner feels. Because our feelings are the ones we feel firsthand, it’s easier to focus on them.

But when you become consumed by your feelings and forget to be empathetic towards your partner, you may become blind to their needs. In turn, the relationship can become one-sided, which spells doom for any relationship.

4. Not sharing enough and staying silent.

It’s normal to feel distant sometimes; however, it’s important to share what’s going on in your life and your mind with your partner. If you don’t, they may feel as though you’ve stopped caring and feel left out.

Source: https://awarenessact.com/

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