3 Things About Heart Health Everyone Should Know

The American Heart Association says that heart disease kills more than 610,000 people every year. That’s why you should know what makes you more likely to get heart disease and take steps to protect your heart health. Three things you should know about keeping your heart healthy.

Men and women may have different symptoms.

Heart disease signs for men and women are often different. Men are more likely than women to have serious chest pain during a heart attack, while women are more likely to feel sick and have trouble breathing.

In the same way, heart disease in women is more likely to lead to sadness and tiredness, while heart disease in men is more likely to lead to these conditions. On the other hand, some signs, like chest pain, jaw pain, and arm pain, are the same in men and women.

These are the signs of heart disease that both men and women should know about and get medical help for if they experience any of them.

Know the risk factors.

Heart disease is caused by a lot of different things, some of which can be changed and some of which can’t. High blood pressure, high cholesterol, and smoking are all risk factors that can be changed. Being overweight or diabetic can also make you more likely to get heart disease, but it may be harder to prevent.

Family background can also play a part in getting heart disease. Being close to a parent or grandparent who has heart disease makes you more likely to get it yourself. To avoid getting heart disease, it’s important to know what makes you more likely to get it.

In order to lower your chance of heart disease, you should take steps to manage any of the risk factors that you can change. Knowing about your risk factors can help you keep a closer eye on your heart health, even if you can’t change them.

Take action to avoid getting heart disease.

Making changes to your lifestyle that will improve your general cardiovascular health is an active way to take care of your heart. This means taking care of your health by eating right, working out daily, not smoking, and controlling your stress.

Getting regular checkups and tests is also important because it can help you find risk factors and catch any problems early. People can greatly lower their risk of getting heart disease by taking an active role in their heart health.

In conclusion

Heart disease kills more men and women than anything else in the United States. But the signs and risk factors can be very different between men and women.

To avoid getting heart disease, it’s important to know these things. You can take steps to improve your health and lower your risk of getting heart disease by being responsible and knowing what those factors are.

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