There are a number of signs that someone is cheating or is in the process of cheating. A sign is if you smell a new perfume on a shirt, and there are other signs that are more clear but require a much more subtle and close eye.

Sometimes, a sign could just be a false warning, but it still needs to be looked into further. Here are some of the trickiest and most different signs that your partner is cheating and sleeping with someone else.

1. Se*ual activity is no longer fun.
If they suddenly seem less interested, you should start to think that they might be finding happiness with someone else.

2. It’s no longer fun to be around you
In different situations, they will be less interested in spending time with you or won’t pay much attention to what you say. Look at how your partner used to be and how they have changed over time. Watch what they do and think carefully about it. A lack of excitement can happen in more places than just the bedroom.

3. Long Delays in Communication
If a friend hasn’t started anything new, it’s possible that someone else is taking all of their time and attention. It’s okay to be late once in a while, but if this keeps happening, you can be sure that something is wrong. Was your partner easy to get in touch with in the past? Do you feel like they’re taking longer to answer these days?

4. Your partner always gets there late.
When your partner is always late, they always seem to have a good reason. Working late once in a while shouldn’t be a red flag, but what if it happens all the time? If so, it’s a sign!

5. Look at Your Finances
If you live together, pay close attention to how much you spend and how much you make as a whole. Someone might say they are working extra hours but never have anything to show for it. This is especially true if you think the bills are getting tighter because your partner may be spending the money on something else.

6. They have a second phone all of a sudden.
It’s not very common to carry two cell phones unless your job needs it. Your partner may say he or she has a second phone for convenience, but it could be used for something much worse. Is it protected by a password? Is it with a different company? Well, if the reasons are so simple, why is the phone so mysterious?

7. They’re way too open.
Were they this calm before they showed you their phone? Why would they all of a sudden let you look around? They have a hidden phone, so they are using the regular one as a trick.

8. Your partner is more giving.
If they give you gifts out of the blue for no reason, this could be a sign that they feel guilty. Use this chance to keep an eye on them and find out why they are acting differently.

9. There’s Suddenly a Special Friend
What if your partner’s “special friend” showed up out of the blue, and you didn’t know about them? Even though everyone has close friends or people they think of as family, you need to pay attention to this sign.

10. Your partner forgets things more.
This could mean that they aren’t paying attention to you. They might be too excited to care about you or too tired to deal with two people at once. Your partner may forget more and more about big and small things, especially if they have to do with you.

11. Less time with family
Your partner may be cheating if you don’t spend much time together all of a sudden. Maybe they used to be the life of the party, but now they are hardly there. On the other hand, your partner may cut these events short because they don’t want to miss something.

12. They’re cold and distant.
Compare things to how they used to be, and then come to a decision that makes sense. For example, does the person you care about seem more distant or maybe more moody and cold? Maybe he or she is trying to protect themselves, when before they were much more open.

13. Their everyday behaviour has changed.
Does your partner leave the room to take some calls but stay there for others? If this person is messy and you don’t live together, does their place become clean every time you go there? It’s all about working out the maths and some other strange things.

Source:  awarenesses.club

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