15 Amazing facts you didn’t know about left-handed people

Most people are right-handed and don’t understand how hard it is to be left-handed in a world full of right-handed people. There have been many studies on the biological and psychological effects of being left-handed, with some focusing on how it has affected evolution.

Some people think that left-handed people are more independent because they have had to learn how to live in a world that was mostly made for right-handed people. Some people during that time were superstitious and thought that because the devil was left-handed, people who were left-handed must be witches.

Even though left-handed people may need to get used to right-handed tools or practice using knives made for right-handed people, there are still a lot of cool things about lefties that most people don’t know.

These less well-known facts about left-handed people will definitely make you want to learn more about them. So, here are some interesting things you might not have known about left-handers:

1. Make up roughly 12% of the population.

About 12% of people in the world are left-handed, 87% are right-handed, and 1% are both. But the number of left-handed people is slowly going up as being left-handed becomes more socially acceptable.

Believe it or not, some countries still try to make kids learn how to write with their right hand. People who were left-handed were thought to be working with the devil in 1860, for example. Only about 2% of the population was thought to be left-handed. The present 12% number is different for men and women and varies by country!

2. National Left-Handers Day

A day set aside just for left-handers, August 13th. Another goal of International Left-Handers Day is to bring attention to the serious problems lefties have in a world that was designed for righties. The Left-Handers Club started it in the UK in 1992.

3. Five Left President

Some recent southpaws who have been president are Ronald Reagan, Gerald Ford, Jimmy Carter, George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Joe Biden.

4. More intelligent than RᎥght

Lefties’ brains are wired in different ways, so they can understand spoken language using both sides of their brain. On the other hand, right-handed people have a more organised brain.

The right hemisphere is in charge of the visual processing, and the left hemisphere is in charge of talk processing. When lefties can use both sides of their brain to process spoken language, they can handle more knowledge and are smarter than rightsies.

5. Faster recovery from strokes

When there is a stroke on the left side of the brain, it changes the way we speak. The left side of the brain controls language in about 95% of right-handed people, but only 70% of left-handed people control theirs with the left side. Because of this, more people who have regained speaking skills after a stroke are left-handed.

6. More likely to have allergies

Researchers wrote a book called “Cerebral Dominance: The Biblical Foundations.” They did a study that showed left-handed people had 11 times more allergies than right-handed people.

The study also found that people who write with their left hand were 2.5 times more likely to have auto-immune diseases like rheumatoid arthritis or ulcerative colitis.

7. Advantageous Hand at Sports

Some games, like football, boxing, tennis, baseball, and swimming, are easier for left-handed people than right-handed people. When they have to play against a left e, it might throw them off because they are used to playing against other rightes.

So, in baseball, a player is more likely to miss when they get a pitch from a lefty because they are used to pitches from righties. This is thought to happen more often in Taiwan, where about 40% of the best players right now are lefties.

8. More Prone to MᎥgraᎥnes

People who are left-handed were about twice as likely as people who are right-handed to get headaches, according to the same scientific study that was mentioned above.

9. Better at MultᎥ-TaskᎥng

When the Illinois Research Consortium looked at data in 2008, they found that left-handed and right-handed people handle tasks and memories in different ways.

When people were given two jobs to do at the same time, southpaws did the best in experiments. This is because right-handed people usually figure out how to solve problems by taking them apart and looking at each part separately. Left-handed people, on the other hand, tend to look at the problem as a whole and try to answer it by matching patterns.

10. More Art

The dominant hemisphere controls how aware we are of art, imagination, and nature, which is why lefties are more artistic. Also, they like information that is shown to them more than information that is spoken.

11. More likely to have trouble sleeping

I guess being left-handed might also have something to do with the amount of sleep you get! If you have periodic limb movement disorder (PLMD), your limbs move on their own while you sleep.

The study “Assessment of Perodical Lmb Movements in Right-Handed Versus Left-Handed Patents” from 2011 found that 94% of left-handed patents had bilateral lmb movements, but only 69% of right-handed patents did. You now understand why you kiss your partner in bed while you sleep!

12. Left-Handed People Use the RᎥght SᎥde of the BraᎥn the Most

Cross-wavy bran means that the right side controls the left side of the body and the left side controls the right side. This is why the saying “only left-handed people are crazy” comes from. People believe that the right side of the body controls creative and artistic work and coordinates the left side of the body.

13. Some People Fear Left-Handedness

Some people are afraid of everything left-handed, and left-handed people are one of those groups! There is even a word for this fear: claustrophobia.

14. Not So Good at Rolling Your Tongue

Maybe someone did a study on how people with left mouths can roll their tongues. There were not as many lefties who had trouble with that one as there were righties. 74.8% of right-handed people could roll their tongues, but only 62.8% of left-handed people could.

15. Having a “Snaster” Reputation

In the field of culture history, lefties have a pretty bad name. People on the left were often thought to be weak, unlucky, dishonest, and sometimes even linked to the w. Even the word “snaster” comes from the Latin word “snaster,” which means “left.”

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