14 Relationship Advice From A Married Couple Of 72 Years

There is a lot of love advice on the web, in books, and from people who are already in a relationship. But the advice doesn’t mean anything if it comes from someone who has never been in a relationship or doesn’t really know what makes a good one.

They are Mr. and Mrs. Lombardi, and they are 95 years old. They know a lot about love and relationships. They’ve been married for more than 72 years and are still going strong.

The couple is retired and lives in Florida. They like to walk and talk outside, play cards, and eat Mrs. Lombardi’s home-cooked Italian meals.

When the couple talked to YourTango, they gave 14 important tips that they think have helped their marriage last for over 70 years.

1. Choose love, even when it isn’t easy.

There will be times when it’s hard to be with someone in a relationship. In times like these, two people can’t always be happy with each other. The Lombardi family says to choose love.

2. Compliment each other often.

Never miss a chance to tell your partner something nice. Thank them for something, even if it’s something easy or something you’ve said a million times.

3. Keep the closeness in the relationship.

They know how important it is to be close, even though they are 95 years old. It might not be the most important thing, but it is important, people.

4. Spend time with your family.

One more thing they say is to stay close to family. These people say it makes getting older and having kids together a lot easier.

5. Enjoy good food, but watch your sugar.

Their bikes are always ready for them, even though they are in their 90s. They also know how important good food is. Especially food that was made at home and shared with family in a warm, welcoming space.

6. Don’t cheat.

You shouldn’t cheat on your partner, whether it’s emotionally or physically. People say that if you promise to be loyal to someone, you should do it.

7. Don’t be mad before bed.

People say that instead of being angry, you should just k*ss before bed. It’s actually pretty easy, even though it doesn’t look like it right now. Let it go; decide not to go to bed angry; lean over and k*ss your partner; and, as we already said, choose love, even if it’s hard.

8. Know it’s okay to disagree.

Know that there will be times when you don’t agree. When those times come up, you should all sit down and talk things out. After that, forget about it.

9. Be kind to each other.

The couple says they will always respect each other, even when things are going badly. Love and admiration for the person you love are some of the most important things in the world.

10. Take care of your house.

The couple also insists on sharing a clean and cosy home. They think that if your house is a mess, then your life probably is too.

11. Be good parents.

They say it’s best not to put too much pressure on your kids, but they do think it’s important to care about their future. Along with that, they think that showing your kids and partner that you love and care for them is very important to your relationship.

12. Get married to someone with good genes.

This one seems to say it all.

13. Make sure you believe the same things.

When two people get married, they often have different views and values, which can be a problem. Some people say that your beliefs should bring you together, not separate you, and that you should talk to your kids about your views.

14. Take the bad with the good.

There is no such thing as a perfect person. Which is why it’s important to hug your partner on their bad days as well as their good ones: pure love.

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