12 Signs Your Partner Is Just Using You

Who wants to be manipulated? There are very few people. In fact, it’s reasonable to assume that no one wants to be used in a relationship. After all, romantic relationships aren’t like video games.

If you’re actually interested in getting serious with a person, you should avoid guys who are merely looking to keep things casual between the two of you.

There are a few warning signs that you should constantly be aware of. Continue reading until the conclusion of this article to find out what these signs are.

1. He still has dating apps installed on his phone.
He’s still considering his choices. He wants to ensure that he still has options when it comes to dating.

That is why he hasn’t completely erased his dating apps. He’s still curious about what’s out there.

2. He does not discuss the future with you.
He doesn’t appear to be interested in discussing the future with you.

He doesn’t appear to be ready to take your relationship to the next level. He’s just happy to keep things the same. He merely goes with the flow in your relationship, with no real structure or direction.

3. He frequently goes out without inviting you.
He doesn’t appear to be interested in making you feel like you’re a part of his life. It’s as though you’ve been reduced to the role of a bystander.

He does not invite you to dinner. He does not invite you to meet his friends. It’s almost as though he’s fine with the two of you leading separate lives.

4. He has a reputation as a f*ckb*y.
You may learn a lot about a man from the rumours that circulate about him. Of course, everyone has the ability to change.

You should also always be open to offering people a second chance. However, if his personality reflects his reputation, this is a major red flag.

5. He flirts with other girls in your presence.
He doesn’t mind flirting with other girls in front of you. He’s unconcerned about hurting your feelings when he flirts with other girls.

He is extremely self-centred. And, regardless of how you feel, he will only want to act on his own personal desires.

6. He does not define your relationship with him.
Whenever you try to define your relationship with him, he simply walks away.

Either he will answer you vaguely and ambiguously, or he will shift the subject totally. He’s unlikely to want to make things official between the two of you.

7. He dislikes taking pictures with you.
He refuses to pose for photos with you. He doesn’t want you to think there’s anything special or official going on between the two of you. And he may be concerned that you will post images of yourselves on social media.

8. He doesn’t respond to you on social media.
He doesn’t respond to you on social media. In fact, he acts as if you don’t exist within that space at all.

He will not want to recognise you. He won’t want it to appear that the two of you are doing anything special.

9. He is solely interested in ho*king up with you.
He doesn’t make an attempt to spend time with you. And, on the rare occasions when he does spend time with you, all he wants to do is hook up.

He doesn’t want to form any genuine emotional attachments or connections with you. He’s only interested in ho*king up.

10. He does not follow through on his promises.
When he makes promises and obligations to you, he rarely keeps them. He is unconcerned about disappointing or hurting you.

He doesn’t think it’s important to keep the promises he makes to you. He has no difficulty raising your expectations and then letting you down.

11. He is constantly surrounded by females.
He is still frequently surrounded by women. Not only does he have a large number of female friends, He aggressively pursues female companionship. And the reason for this is because he’s just checking to see whether he still has choices.

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