12 Red Flags Your Relationship Is About To End

Although no one wants to end a relationship, it’s sometimes unavoidable.

Most who go through this will likely find themselves asking, “How do I know my relationship is nearing the end?”

Even though this is a hard question to answer, there are usually a lot of signs that our relationship is ending. There are a lot of people who would judge someone who finally decides to end things. But it takes a lot of guts to know when to let go.

Those are the red flags to look out for if you think your relationship or the relationship of someone close to you is about to end.

1. Happiness and affection are replaced with tears.

There was a time when you could make each other laugh and smile. Now, just being in the same room makes you feel lucky. You used to laugh and cuddle, but now you fight and cry.

2. One or both partners feel like they are fighting a war they cannot win.

Partners should work together, but when a relationship is ending, it turns into a war. There is no winner in this war. Instead, some disagreements and conflicts are never fixed.

3. The communication is nonexistent.

A happy relationship needs to be able to talk to each other. There will always be disagreements and conflicts, but people need to talk about them and find a way to move forward. The connection can’t last much longer if the two people stop talking to each other.

4. You constantly argue.

Arguments are normal between couples, but it’s a problem when they’re the only way you can talk to each other. You and this person are becoming less close, and it shows that you have very different goals for life and each other.

5. Your arguments feel like a death match.

Arguments will happen as they always do. Having arguments that are so mean and vicious that you call each other names, hit each other, and get into huge fights is a huge red flag.

6. You feel drained when you are together.

When you’re with someone, you should feel safe and protected. But as the relationship moves toward ending, being with each other can make you feel emotionally and physically tired.

7. You don’t do anything together.

People in a relationship should live separate lives, but living separate lives all the time is a whole other thing. Couple time is important for getting close and bonding, and when it’s gone, so is trust and conversation.

8. You lead entirely separate lives.

Your partner may feel like you can’t share anything with them, like you have a different life from them. You will start to hide things from your partner and spend a lot of time with other people when this happens.

9. Your friends and family despise your partner.

Our family and friends can see things we don’t want to see. On an emotional level, they can tell when our relationship is making us feel tired or hurt. When they start to hate your partner because of how they treat you, that’s a big sign that things are going in the wrong direction.

10. Controlling and jealous behavior are present.

It’s normal to feel jealous, but it’s not normal to fight all the time over who is in charge. We need to trust each other for our relationships to work. If you don’t have it, it turns into a power fight that you can’t win, and everyone will start to go crazy.

11. The past makes you angry with each other.

If we want to be with someone, we need to let go of the past. People must let go and forget in order to move on and make things work. When both people in a relationship don’t want to let go of the past and instead hold it against each other, things start to go badly.

12. Abu-sive behavior is present.

No matter what kind of abu-se it is, it ends the deal. It’s time to let go when fights turn into emotional, physical, and verbal abuse.

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