Communication is important in any relationship, and it can be upsetting when a romantic partner stops answering your calls, replying to your messages, or telling you what they’re thinking.

If you’re scared that your man has stopped talking to you, here are some reasons why and what you can do about it.

1. He doesn’t know how he feels about you.
One of the most common reasons why a man won’t talk to you is that he’s thinking about what to do next in the relationship.

If your partner is ignoring you, it could be because he doesn’t know how he feels about you or isn’t ready to act on them. It can hurt to be forgotten by someone you care about, but try to keep in mind that your man may be trying to figure out what’s going on.

He may be wondering if he wants to be with you or if he should put more effort into the relationship. Try not to put too much pressure on him and give him some room and time to work through his thoughts and feelings.

So, when he does decide to act, he will be sure of his decision and ready for what comes next.

2. He’s too busy or preoccupied to talk.
He’s busy with other things, which is another reason why he’s ignoring you. He might just be too busy or too preoccupied to talk to you right now.

Life can sometimes make it hard to talk, whether it’s because of work, school, family obligations, or other things. Your man could also be preoccupied with something more important.

It could be mental health problems, a stressful event in his life, or even problems in his relationship with you that he doesn’t know how to deal with. If it’s any of these things, he might find it hard to talk about it or make himself open for a conversation.

In this case, it might be best to give him some space and keep an eye out for signs that he’s ready to talk. You could also try making small talk with him from time to time to see if he’s willing to talk, but don’t be too pushy!

3. You just had a conflict.
Did you and your partner just fight about something? When you and your guy fight, it’s not fun, but it could be that he stops talking to you because of it.

If the fight was really bad, he might just need a little time to calm down and figure out how he feels. Don’t force him to talk to you right away. Instead, give him time to take a deep breath and figure out what happened.

If he still doesn’t talk to you a few days after an argument, it could mean that he doesn’t know how to start talking to you again or that he’s trying to deal with his anger or frustration without acting out at you. He might also be too embarrassed about what happened and not know how to talk about it.

The best thing you can do is take the lead and do something simple to break the ice. For example, you could send him a nice message to see if he gets the hint and starts talking to you.

Make sure you sound friendly and open-minded. So, your message won’t be taken as a charge or a nagging. Tell him that even though things didn’t go as planned last time, you still care about him and want to get things back on track between you two.

4. He is mad at you.
When a man doesn’t want to talk to his girlfriend, it’s sometimes because he’s mad at her. It may not be a permanent choice, and he may just be taking a short break from the relationship to calm down.

Maybe the last time you talked, you said or did something upsetting, and now he’s had enough. That’s why he’s giving you the cold shoulder. For example, if you turn down a man in bed or treat him badly in public, he will feel very hurt and won’t want to talk to you for a while.

In this case, the most important thing you can do is to let him figure out how he feels on his own. Once he’s calmed down, you can try to talk to him and apologise, if you need to, or just let him know you’re there for him if he wants to talk about it.

At the end of the day, every relationship has its ups and downs, so try not to take his anger too personally. Give him some space, and give yourself time to figure out what’s going on.

5. He’s having a hard time right now.
Men find it hard to talk about how they feel, especially when they’re having a hard time. If your partner isn’t talking to you, he might be going through something hard, like losing his job, having his family fall apart, or losing a close friend.

Or he could be sad because of something that has nothing to do with you. No matter what it is, he may be dealing with feelings and thoughts he can’t understand, which may have caused him to pull away from your relationship.

Your partner’s silence could also mean that he doesn’t want to bother you with his problems because he thinks talking about them will only make them worse. Even though you want to comfort him and be there for him, try to give him room and respect his privacy so he can deal with his personal problems in the way he thinks is best. He needs to deal with his own problems first. When he’s ready, he’ll let you know what’s going on.

6. He doesn’t want to talk.
You’ve been trying to talk to your man, but he seems to be avoiding you. Maybe he just doesn’t feel like talking. It’s hard to say for sure why he won’t talk, but here are a few possibilities:

• He may not feel ready to talk about his feelings with you yet, especially if your relationship is still new. • He may be too overwhelmed by his own feelings and need some time alone to work through them.

• Maybe he needs space and doesn’t know how to tell you that in a healthy way.
• He might be going through something else and not want to bother you with it right now.

No matter what his reason is, you shouldn’t think it means he doesn’t care about you or the relationship. Give him some space to breathe and think about having the chat again when both of you feel more comfortable.

7. He no longer cares about you.
Even though it might sound rude, if your partner has stopped talking to you, it’s possible that he’s lost interest in you. People lose interest in relationships all the time, whether they are sexual or just friendships.

Think about when your man was still talking to you. Did you see any signs that he had changed in how he felt or what he did? Was there ever a time when he seemed less interested in what you were saying?

When people are no longer interested, they don’t always tell their partner directly. Instead, they choose to keep quiet. This is because they don’t want to hurt their feelings. However, ignoring someone you love is much worse than being honest about how you feel.

If it turns out that your man has lost interest in you and doesn’t want to be with you anymore, it’s best for both of you to accept it and move on. There’s nothing wrong with saying that the two of you are better off apart and that you should focus on finding new partners.

8. He needs some time to himself.
When a guy wants to be alone, it can be hard to figure out why he doesn’t want to spend time with you. He might be feeling stressed and need some time to think, or he might just have been very busy and not know what to say.

No matter what the reason is, it’s hard when someone won’t talk to you. But if your partner is taking a few days or weeks away from the relationship, it’s important that you give him room and don’t jump to conclusions about why he might not be talking.

The good news is that many relationships can survive being apart as long as both people are ready to talk openly when they do get back in touch. If you think your relationship has grown apart because you haven’t talked much, send your man a text or email telling him you miss him and want to talk.

Don’t ask him to talk all the time so he doesn’t feel pressured, but let him know that you still care about him and want to keep the friendship going.

9. He feels bad about himself.
It’s possible that your man is ignoring you because he feels bad about something he did or said that hurt you. Guys do this because they don’t want to deal with the problem and hope that if they act like it doesn’t exist, it will go away.

It doesn’t work, and most of the time, it makes things worse in the long run. Try to figure out what’s making him feel bad so you can help him get through it. Be kind and patient with him, and try to start a conversation with him. This might be all he needs to start talking again.

10. His connection style is avoidant.
He might also be avoiding you because he has a style of attachment called “avoidant.” This means that he has trouble making close friends and tends to stay away from emotional closeness. He might not like strong feelings and would rather keep things light and easy.

Most of the time, when a man pulls away from a relationship, it’s because he feels too much attention from you. He might need more time to himself to feel at ease in the connection.

Try to honour his limits and give him the room he needs to feel safe. This doesn’t mean you won’t talk about your relationship problems, but it’s best to wait a while before doing so.

11. He’s making you suffer or messing with your head.
A man might avoid you because he wants to punish you or play mind games with you. This can be a sign of not being emotionally mature or of being manipulated. He might be trying to control you by not giving you his care or love.

If your partner is playing with your feelings on purpose, it’s important to set clear limits and let them know what you want from the relationship. Don’t let him trick you or take charge of you. If he’s not ready to change, it might be best for your mental health to end the relationship.

12. He is seeing someone else now.
Your partner may be ignoring you because he is over you and in love with someone else. It can be painful and hard to go through this, but it’s important to accept the truth and move on.

If you find out that your man has stopped loving you, it’s important to put your attention on your own healing and growth. Take some time to deal with your feelings and think about what you want from a love partner so you can attract a better one.


When you find out that your partner is ignoring you and doesn’t want to talk to you, it can be upsetting. You might spend long nights trying to figure out why your man isn’t talking to you. In this state of mind, you might chase him desperately for love and attention.

But this can make him even less interested in you. When you find out that your partner is ignoring you, the first thing you should do is give your relationship a lot of thought.  to remember if you had a fight or if your partner told you about something that was making him feel down.
You might not have seen it at the time, but if you think back on recent events, you might remember something important. Next, send him a loving message in which you tell him how much you miss him and want him back.

If you said or did something to hurt him, you should tell him in your message that you’re sorry. After you text him, give him time to read it and get back to you. Most of the time, you should hear back from him within one to two weeks. If he still won’t talk to you, send him another message or go see what he’s doing.

If you try different ways to get back together with your man, but he keeps ignoring you, it’s a sign that he’s no longer interested in building a relationship with you.

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